Following My Dreams


My first tattoo on May 14th 2016

In May 2019 I plan to follow my dreams for an adventure I’ve wanted to make since I was six years old to travel to Australia. There are so many things I plan to do whilst I’m out there including swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, walking over the Sydney Harbour bridge, visit Uluru and of course quite a lot more things. I’m also considering getting a working Visa to do some sort of farming like strawberry picking as so many people have suggested doing it as it’s an incredible experience. I fell in love with Australia when I travelled there to visit my now step mum and new born sister at the age of six. I’ve been saving since I left college in June 2016 though through out that time the savings got used so I restarted in December 2016 when I started full time work, so I’m now able to save more. I’m currently in search of a traveling buddy but since it’s pretty far away it’s challenging, which is a down side as I try to be as organised as possible.


My first trip to Australia at age six

This will be an adventure of a lifetime as I plan toΒ go for at least a month which may not seem long compared to other people but when I find it scary enough getting the bus in my own town, who knows what it’d be like on my own in another country. I also plan on making some big changes after this trip, like moving out my family home.


Love Knows no borders


I just wanna quickly share the meaning behind my tattoo ‘Love knows no borders’. I got it in representation of my dream to travel to Australia. It symbolises that there is no border for what you can love and there is no border between love, whether it be a person in another country the physical border can not stop it and whether it should happen or not, love will win. If it’s destine to happen it will happen.

Feel free to comment about any adventures you’re going on and/or if you have any suggestions on what I should do when I’m out there.


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