So soft skin, so little time.

Skin care routines, the problem I find with these is I’ve never stuck to them, the longest I’d say is a week at most. The most likely reason for this is I don’t see any results quick enough, yes it may look and feel good after I’ve just done it but I actually find I break out more amongst this time so I’m not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing. By the third day I get the attitude of, can I really be bothered to go through the whole process so then I tend to stop. I’ve inoculated so many face washes, moisturisers, face masks and I do occasionally use them but routines are a no for me.

My newest skin care products that are currently in use are the ‘Simple kind to skin refreshing face wash gel’ used with a face exfoliator brought from Claire’s, I usually do this clean whilst in the shower.17506542_1933579303527770_298115552_n.jpg This leaves my face feeling really refreshed after my long days at work but I enjoy knowing I’ve done a deep clean so I go back in using the newest released  L’Oréal product, Pure clay purity wash, It helps to cleanse, purify and mattify and it’s recommend to be used 2-3 times a week.



Here’s a few shots of me without make up.  I don’t really suffer from spots but when I do, I get a few at a time. My skin, the majority of the time is fairly decent, though recently I’ve been dealing with extremely dry skin after I’ve applied moisturiser and  make up, my foundation goes really dry and patchy and this is really annoying.




I would love to find a routine suitable for me but doesn’t take a huge amount of time.  If you’ve got any recommendations on routines or products that may have the possibility that I’ll stick too, then please feel free to comment below.


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