Tattoo Talk

If you’ve seen my previous post ‘Following My Dreams’ you’d have seen a small description about my ‘Love knows no borders’ tattoo, but if you haven’t, here’s a more descriptive piece along with my other tattoo and what others I plan on getting.

So to begin, on May the 14th 2016 I got my first tattoo for my 19th birthday, It has a lot of meaning to me. ‘Love knows no borders’ I feel it’s a very true quote from what I’ve experienced. To me it means love has no border, you can love anything, a place, people, objects, it has no boundary. At the age of six I fell in love with Australia after my trip to meet my new born sister. I just loved everything about it, the atmosphere was so different to England as well as the weather, the sun and heat was amazing.



My second tattoo was a mermaid on the 21st of July 2016, I got it when I started dating my boyfriend as for me it symbolises the bond my older sister and I have. The shell the mermaid is holding symbolises a phone meaning we can always contact one another. The mermaid itself is a representation of my sister and I as we are both unique and like to be independent, meaning the tail as they swim freely. I got it all in colour as I’m very much a colourful person and like to wear as much as possible.


I plan to get a few more tattoos in the future but as of now I’ve currently got three in mind. I don’t have a particular order in which I’d get these in but the three I would like include:

A unicorn on my thigh. Unicorns hold a very special place in my heart, though I’m not too sure why, I think it may be because I love horses but the uniqueness of a unicorn seems more appealing. It may even be because I felt so different to others growing up that I had so many similarities to unicorns.


A turtle family possibly on my rib cage. I’d want five turtles to symbolise my siblings, starting from larger to smaller. I came up with this idea after seeing so many people getting elephant families but I wanted to make it my own and turtles are creatures I find fascinating.


Some sort of flower design round the side of my breast. Unlike the others this doesn’t have a meaning of such though I feel it does relate to something a person who held a special part in my life always used to say to me.17554865_1936050339947333_974862355_n.jpg

so there you have it, I hope to get these this year at some point.

If you’ve got any cool tats that are unique and meaningful to you feel free to contact me on any social media, it’d be cool to check them out.


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