Kitty Cafe Adventure

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Bournemouth where we’d booked a table at the ‘Pause Cat Cafe’ about a month in advance. Honestly I didn’t really know what to expect but I was quite excited for what it had in store.

Upon arrival we were given a run though of the cafes rules, nothing outrageous, just basic things involving the cats. We were then lead to our table and offered drinks. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be packed but every table was full, with more customers coming in hoping for a table but turned away from the large waiting list.Β 17911026_1943287395890294_936583775_n.jpg

There were cat toys everywhere with unusual ones too, like a large hamster wheel and a bridge across the ceiling. The cats then started roaming with some jumping up at tables trying to see what food they could swipe.

After a while I went over to different areas of the cafe to see the variety of personalities these kitties held, using toys and stroking their bellies. It wasn’t long till one jumped up to the bridge to then come back down landing on the piano below pressing a variety of keys.

The food looked interesting as it was all vegan based, served in cute boxes where the lid was used as a plate. I wasn’t hungry but my boyfriend tried the food and found it pretty tasty as far as I could tell from the empty plate. The drinks menu had some really creative names like ‘PINA-CAT-LADA’ and ‘ESPURR-SO’. The staff there were very polite and helpful, giving information about each cat. I only booked an hour because in the end it is only a cafe with some cats, it was just some thing different that I wanted to experience.

In total there were seven cats: Bear, Clifford, Liquorice, Aunty Anne, Petrus, Pumpkin and Max.Β 17918327_1943259652559735_257746484_n.jpg

If you’ve been to this cafe or even a different one feel free to send me some pics.

The kitties are so cute.

I’d love to go to another cat cafe, I was even debating about going to Edinburgh’s cat cafe.



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