Lush haul

A few weekends ago I took a trip to Bournemouth with the intentions of going shopping in lush. It was my second time I’d ever been inside a lush, but the first time I never got a proper chance to browse. The first time I went I only purchased one item, that being the intergalactic bath bomb, it was absolutely amazing so I had to repurchase it.

I then smelled and tested a variety of their different shower gels and soaps with the help of a member of staff; only as there were so little customers and she insisted. I ended picking a small pink one called ‘The Comforter’. I could not for the life of me put my finger on what it smelt like that was until the other day in the shower, to me it smells like the sweets ‘starburst’ sweet and fruity, definitely worth a try.18035339_1946985918853775_1912546718_n.jpg The next item I purchased was a lipscrub in bubblegum flavour and it smells amazing, so good that I want to eat it. I did have a few varieties to pick from, such as mint, chocolate and popcorn but the bubblegum smelt the best and was the last one too, so that was a quick grab.

I didn’t want to leave without trying out a different bath bomb so I randomly picked one up from the counter called ‘the big blue’ so I’m interested to see what that’ll be like.

If you’ve been to Lush before then please comment below some new products, I want to try moreeee. If you’ve never been, then I highly suggest checking it out.


4 thoughts on “Lush haul

  1. yasminedaisy says:

    I would definitely try out ‘Avobath’ which is wonderfully citrussy, ‘Twilight’ which is a favourite among seasoned Lushies and smells like sweet lavender and a ‘The Comforter’ Bubble bar seeing as you like the shower gel! You can get about 3-4 good baths with it and it creates the most amazing soft blackcurrant bubbles!

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