Why I cut my hair off

I cut my hair off for multiple reasons, there’s the reasons I actually tell people then there’s the rest. What I tell them is ‘because the dip dye destroyed the ends’ I could have just had the ends cut off but I went this much shorter because I wanted things in my life to change.

I’d just finished college and that was an end of a chapter in my life and I knew things after I finish would be different. I had been getting played by some guy I thought was my friend. We met up a handful of times and things got heated with kissing and some touching but it only went that far as we were both fairly new to that.

After a while he chickened out when I wanted more of a relationship, he would then constantly make excuses as to why we couldn’t meet up. It was only then when I released how much of a player he was that I was over him, as I knew he’d never be committed, I believe some reasons where because my appearance of being plus size. I knew he just wouldn’t be worth it especially after how much pain he’d already caused me. Of course he came running back tell me all the stuff I’d already said to him about how we could make this relationship work with him being in Scotland for uni but I wasn’t interested I wanted to move on in my life.

I then had a new found confidence from my hair and went on to tinder and see if I could find someone new and fortunately I did. When an incident happened between the tinder guy, I posted some quote picture on Instagram and instantly the original guy asked if it was about him because of course I never actually told him I wasn’t interested, I really thought he’d get the gist, I also wanted him to get a taste of his own medicine. So there you have my reasons for cutting my hair.

So basically I just wanted a fresh start in life.Β 18051552_1947060915512942_1110647406_n.jpg

If you’ve ever had a reason to cut your hair in a similar situation I would love to hear it.


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