50 shades of hair

I love dying my hair, I started getting it done around the age of 12 years old. Ever since then I have done it pretty much every two months, though shorter if I’m doing colours. Honestly I’ve had so many different shades that I can’t even tell you how many, originally I started off with just doing a full head but once I began college I changed that and started doing dip dye, which is basically just colouring the ends and I did this first with red then blue. I went on to doing obere too, with having brown hair and changing between blonde and red ends. 17857570_1941381942747506_522162331_n I then went a full head of blue which was absolutely amazing, I did find out that colour does fade extremely quick, especially after washing my hair everyday. But this was by far one of my favourite colours especially with the fact I enjoy being different.  17858099_1941378196081214_1604507551_n.jpgAfter, I went full head of purple and that colour was so bright, I defiantly stood out from the crowd. This colour lasted longer as it was permanent though even in most cases when it says permanent, it really isn’t. The colour suited me really well in the summer time as I could match it was so many brightly coloured clothes even dark ones and have my hair pop. 17842012_1941378822747818_341867561_n.jpg I would also try out new styles such as half and half of blue and purple, that’s was fun, I felt like a unicorn or mermaid. I could do so many different styles with the hair colour, in a plait I felt it actually looked really cool. 17857336_1941383409414026_1298959619_n.jpgAfter all this colouring faded I went to a bright blonde after stripping it all out. I love having bright hair, although the majority of people like me dark. 17857362_1941378819414485_1288189329_n.jpgOf course I had my fair share of errors too like turning bright orange, black, even partiality green. They were scary times especially when you’re not to sure how to sort it out and most likely end up doing more damage. 17842385_1941379766081057_1660393880_n

My current hair I’m absolutely lovin, mainly because of the fringe. Its been years since I’ve had a fringe and maintaining it is very demanding, I’m having to use straighteners every morning, plus I have to get it cut pretty regularly. We’ll just have to see how long this’ll last, I’m hoping for a while though as I look pretty flat otherwise. 18049846_1946998485519185_168935021_o.jpg

If you’ve encountered any problems then feel free to leave them below. It could be a little story time 😀


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