Love your curves

Over the years I’ve had a strong dislike to my body, the way certain curves are and how bright some of my stretch marks show. I would constantly cover my body in clothing, not wanting people to see these imperfections I held.

In recent years I have learnt that life should be lived to its fullest and you should always do what makes you happy because in reality people are constantly picking on people’s imperfections and judging. I believe one of the reasons I wore so much wasn’t to my benefit but to others because I didn’t want that judgement, although I knew I was always getting it, I just limited it.

There is still certain types of clothing that I won’t wear because how it exaggerates my curves, such as body cons, I did buy one last year when I was going through a faze of confidence but it did reveal every single one of my curves, over my back and tummy. I will say I would like a change in how parts of my body look but as of now I am comfortable as it is. If I wasn’t that happy with my body I would really try to fix it because I know I can, but every diet I’ve tried previously has fail because how extreme they were. This was mainly one called ‘slim fast’ which basically is two milkshakes or a snack bar, one at breakfast, the other lunch then a meal for dinner under 600 calories . I believe it failed mainly because it wasn’t for my benefit but to become a guy I liked ideal girl. In all honesty you should never change the way you look for someone because if they don’t like how you look then they have no reason to be in your life, especially if they can’t truly accept you.Β 18035608_1947083315510702_114653455_n


One thought on “Love your curves

  1. timnasays says:

    Wow I love this post! I feel the same! I have been struggling with it for a long time but I finally am in a place where I’m comfortable in my own skin. Sorting through these same emotions and struggles is partly why I decided to start blogging in the first place! I’m hoping to find a lot more amazing posts and never let what other people say doubt yourself in any way!

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