Why I wanna blog

The reason I wanna blog is not to get likes and views but for the soul purpose I actually enjoy writing and it being things that actually interest me, so I might as well put it out there for all to read. I’ve wanted to blog ever since I was about to finish college in June 2016 as I was inspired by a variety of people on social media about the various topics of being plus size and since I’d had my own experiences I just wanted to share my view and side of the story.

I can’t say it’s been easy thought my life and I’ve had a fair few down times, that even my closest family didn’t find out about till this past year. I can say I still do struggle with many things but I hate feeling down so much so I do try to find the positives in my day, even if they are a little harder to find.

Beautifully big was not my first blog site, I originally had one called ‘big curves of confidence’ it is still up but eventually my passion for that site ran dry as I was in such a rush to start it, that I never fully planned it out. It was all so new to me that I never actually took the time to learn how it all worked but I am still learning for this one.

There is so many different tools and WordPress is such a bigger platform to blogger. When I see how good other people’s blogs are, I feel like that’s something I wanna create because I know I can, it’s just having the motivation to do so.

Being plus size on the Internet I find so little things about, I mean it has gotten more popular but I’ve still not found a lot of people talking about their struggles or problems, of course which I know about, it’s maybe the possibility they’re scared to talk about them because of the fear of judgment but I wanna make that change and speak up.

Everything-we-judge-in-others-is-something-within-ourselves-we-dont-want-to-face.Stay tuned.


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