13 reasons why review

I felt it was absolutely amazing, so many parts were relatable. It had such a well based plot with that mix of drama, romance and just left you on the edge after each episode. I actually watched nine episodes in a row on the first day, it was just that incredible. I’d recommend it to anyone cause it’s defiantly worth a watch. source.gif

There are defiantly lessons to be learned from this show, including you never know what’s happening in some bodies life and if you’re adding drama, you really don’t know how far they are from the edge of mentally losing it.13-reasons-why-hannah-baker-crying-gif

Honestly there have been people adding to my problems lately that are so unnecessary and it has just continued to build and build, eventually I will be some really sad person that’ll not want to do anything. I know there’s people out there suffering many more problems then I am, so why can’t we just be kind to one another? Such simple things can be done, even just using basic manners out in pubic can show people have some form of humanity left in them.



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