Boohoo haul

I’ve recently received a Boohoo order and I’m excited to wear these. So first item I purchased was this cold shoulder dress with the criss cross chest.

I’m not much of a dress person but I wanted to change up my look a little, and I’m lovin the criss cross and cold shoulder but having it combined will look pretty awesome. I got it in this dark orange shade, believed to be called cinnamon, not my usual colour but again, just changing it up. The next item was something completely new and something I wanna try in the hopes it’ll actually Suit me, is a faddora hat in black. It was the same hat the model wore with the dress so it’s clearly a combo, it’s just a matter if it’ll look that good on me, In all honesty I’m not really feeling it.

The second item I purchased was a t-shirt tee in black with the words ‘I ain’t sorry’ in block print.

I ain't sorry tee


It’s in the same style as a previous tee I purchased from boohoo, my ‘curves are in’ which I absolutely love. The last item was completely random and didn’t really need it but because I’m such a happy spender I brought it. It was a long blue floral skirt, I feel it’ll probably work with a body con or a tucked in vest top. I’m not really a skirt or dress wearer, mainly because I don’t find them comfortable in the hot weather with my inner thighs getting sweaty and chafty, that’s a struggle I find with being plus size.

I might as well add a few more things to this haul post as I was originally gunna do this for another order but never got round to it. So first is a black midi skirt with a layer of frill around the top, this is the first skirt I’ve ever brought in this style, but upon arrival I already know I’ll need to take it up from the bottom a little bit.

Paired with this is a pink bodysuit with the added detail of the cutout sections. I also tried it on with this latest purchase from Primark, which was also trying out something new.

I got slightly carried away with the sale and purchased another bodysuit.

This is a high neck with gold sequin detailing. The fit was amazing and not tight at all, making sure the booty isn’t squashed. I hate having such tight bodysuits that you’ll need to sneakily pull out that wedgie.

So that is all from this Boohoo haul, I’ve got a few more hauls lined up so feel free to follow me πŸ™‚ .




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