I’m actually thinking about making a YouTube channel, not for the views or likes as such, of course they’d help though. Mainly just for fun, getting other people involved and join in on the journey.

For me I personally enjoy physically talking to people because with face to face you can understand how people are saying things with their facial expressions and sometimes I find I actually get myself into trouble with things I say because they can’t see how I’m saying it through text.
I did try and make a video the other day but my phone ran out of memory and so I used my sisters iPad, again ran out of memory.

I have so many ideas for videos, including the recording of my make up looks and testing videos, DIY’s, and maybe even some daily vlogging with random topics.

I’m intending to get a new camera Today, I’m hoping to get a camera with a tilt screen so I can of course see myself πŸ˜‰ , I just think that’ll be easier if I do plan to film. I’m really excited though as it will be my first camera I’ve brought myself and its a fairly expensive one, but even if I don’t do YouTube, I’ll have some better quality photographs.




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