My Prom Experience

With prom just around the corner, I thought I’d share my story. Prom in England definitely isn’t as big as places such as American, like how you see in the movies. It of course is still all the glamour but clearly less effort put into it all.

The first thing that I did with the run up to prom, is every girls favourite part, picking the dress. So many different styles, colours and cuts makes it very hard to chose. My family’s budget on a dress was very tight but in all honesty I didn’t mind as I knew there were so many I could chose from still, along with the fact I’d most likely only ever wear it for that evening (I’ve only ever wore it for that evening) so I didn’t feel the need to splash out. Quite a few people I knew spent a fortune on their dress along with getting them all Taylor made to their fit. My dress was second hand brought off some women on a Facebook selling site, I couldn’t really hate it, it was my favourite colour and it was the same situation with them only having worn it once too, it was only Β£50 so I couldn’t really argue.


Shoes wise I got some plain silver kitten heels about two weeks before from some cheap shoe shop for about Β£12, though In the end I never wore them, instead I wore my mums wedding shoes that she’d only wore once too, they were a lot more expensive and super comfy.

For my prom we had to organise a table plan with who we’d be sitting with, that was certainly a struggle especially when it was twelve people per table and at the time it was only my friend and I, so we had to squeeze on someone else’s.

The night before prom I spent my evening fake tanning, my first ever time and I was doing it alone, personally I don’t think I did a bad job. On the day of prom I wanted the day to just hurry up so I could start getting ready, that is definitely one of the best parts to prom. I had may hair curly and lucky had my stepmum do it but it still took around three hours to do(I certainly had a numb bum haha).


My make up was just very subtle, no eyeliner but around this time I didn’t really wear it like I do now. Just natural eyeshadow and black mascara. I never filled in my eyebrows back then either. It was then time to put on the dress, before though I was wearing a strapless bodysuit so it smoothed all my curves not that it was noticeable with my style of dress but it did make sliding into it 10x easier.

Before setting off I had many photos taken with family members, a few for the photo albums.

I was attending the evening with my best friend and our means of transportation was simply in my parents car, nothing flash as it would have been extremely unnecessary to spend large amounts for people to just see you get out a vehicle for seconds. I was good though seeing other peoples ways of transport, two guys rode in on a tandem bike which was incredibly funny to see, or there was the more glamours way like horse and cart or limo.

Upon entering all the girls were given a single rose, to this day I still have mine though of course it’s withered and brown but it was a nice little touch. The evening itself mainly consisted of speeches and awards for mainly the well known people who weren’t afraid to put theirselves out there, of course I was not one of these. Other then that it was diner with was a roast with chicken, desert a chocolate pudding.

The ending was dancing and this was the part that disappointed me cause I’d seen so many American based prom films and this was not it, jumping up and down raving music was not what I anticipated, with half the year doing that and the other half siting on a fence outside not being involved.


In all honesty it was nothing special but I’m glad I did attend for it being a milestone and an end of a chapter in my life.




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