My first kiss went a little like this.

You might think that sounds familiar and that’s because it probably is, especially if you were into pop music back around 2010, Anyway a little off topic.
So the story of my first kiss.
To begin it was my first date with a guy I’d been friends with for over three years, he was my closest male friend through secondary school and this was our first time meeting up in over a year and a half because of going to separate colleges.
We went out for dinner at my local restaurant and he ended up offering to pay the bill, after we went for a walk around the restaurants flower gardens and ended up reminiscing our friendship through school.
We followed a path to a secluded area and it then lead to him turning so we were face to face and him asking me ‘how would you feel if I did this?’ Then he lent in and kissed me. It was cute how he did it but you could tell afterwards that he wasn’t actually looking to get into a relationship, he was then telling me how he was still not completely over his ex. This of course bothered me, with the fact of why actually bother leading me on to then end up telling me that.
The kiss itself was partially expected from how we’d be speaking so much. It was done at the right moment, with the perfect setting, no one there other then him and me. I’d never really thought what it’d be like to kiss someone, not just a little peck but a proper kiss with partial tongues. I was also given some pointers but honestly he didn’t really have any experience himself, so it was basically to his satisfaction.
If you’ve got the story of how you’re first kiss went, feel free to comment below, It’d be cool to hear from you.



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