First Time Fears

Everyone has some sort of fear or doubt how the first time would be. Of course I had my fair share of fears before hand, after hearing others stories of their first time; them saying about the pain they felt and feeling uncomfortable. The night it happened was very unexpected but it felt right.

I knew he was carrying protection so I asked if we could try it, we then got comfortablearticle-2108810-0F83FEDD00000578-242_468x286 and so it happened. It was a bearable pain, which felt like very tight pinching.

There was a slight mess made from bleeding but that was to be expected from that type of pain.

Honestly I heard many mixed things about having sex for the first time, one being you think you’re gonna feel different but the truth is you don’t. You can feel a connection to your partner for having been so vulnerable from being bare skin naked but other then that there is no difference.

The next few times were slightly painful but not as bad as the first. It starts to feel good and enjoyable after a while, then you can slowly progress into doing a variety of different positions.

If you wanna share the story of your first time feel free, even if you had an embarrassing experience.




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