The Dangers Of Online

When I was younger I had one extremely scary experience with being online. They always tell you to be careful on the big wide web as there’s so many creeps and weirdos out there, but then on the other hand I knew so many people who got into relationships through online.

Given the fact I was about 9 years old, little did I know they were actually through proper dating apps and again why did I think I needed a boyfriend at this age, I’m guessing it was through things like TV that because people were dating, I felt like I was missing out.

Any woo I was on some child’s online game, where it’s a free roam, connecting to people all around the world, I believe it was called ‘Habio’. At the time I was on my friends PC, who I’d hadn’t seen in ages.

I then ended up talking to some character, believing whatever people said was actually true. I learnt out the hard way. At this age I was old enough to have a phone for the purpose of when I stay with my mum I can contact my dad, along with being able to walk home from school I would use it in emergencies.

When my friend left the room, I continued to talk to this person. They ended up typing their phone number, me being so gullible back then, I put the number in my phone, thinking oh wow I could actually have a boyfriend. I then proceeded to message the person. That’s when the fear all began.

My friend returned and I received my first message, it was a photo of a child in a school, something they searched in Google. Receiving those messages continue for about three or four times that evening.

I then received a phone call and all I could hear was old men laughing, I then built up the courage to say ‘if you don’t stop I will call the police!’ After that I didn’t receive any more messages but I still turned my phone off for the fear that they may some how track and kidnap me. I never bothered to tell anyone for the reason being I knew I would get told off and have my phone taken away, believe me I learnt my lesson just from the fear. It stayed only between my friend and I.

So please remember to be careful online, there are so many dangers out there.




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