Summer body?

Have I got my summer body ready? Yes. Is it was others would class as a summer body? Definitely not.

As summer draws closer, I seem to stumble more and more over memes and photos about having your summer body ready.

In all honesty why do I have to work to achieve my summer body. Why can’t I already just be given that title? Just because my body isn’t someone else’s idea of the perfect summer body, doesn’t mean it’s not perfect to me.

I grew tired of trying to please other people on the way I should look. Yes I may not be how I’d want to look but that doesn’t mean I’m not content of how I currently am. So what if I have a few more lumps and curves compared to you, we are all different and we shouldn’t feel the need to compare ourselves to one another.

So if you’re rocking some high waisted bikini, why can’t I? You’ll see me doing the same.

If I wanna be wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts, I will.

I will not be pushed down into thinking I’m not good enough and I’m not equal to those worthy of dressing like this just because of my size. So you will more then likely see my stretch marks and cellulite, and for you to go ahead and pick out on my imperfections, isn’t that possible I’ve already done that to myself enough times, I don’t need you to also beat me down and lower my confidence.

We all have imperfections, we should all be equal to one another. This doesn’t just apply to being plus size, you may even have scars or birth marks, just things that you don’t like about yourself, but trust me when I say this, you are BEAUTIFUL! Not matter what anyone says.

We shouldn’t be beating each other down with our horrible words, we should be building each other up, there’s already enough cruelness in the world, don’t add to it.

So this time I’ll ask you.

Is your summer body ready?






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