Parents meeting

On the 16th of May would have been the first time of my boyfriends and my parents meeting after having been together for almost 11 months. This can make people really nervous and I can see why, having your parents seeing their producers to for see the possible out come of your partner.

Parents meeting Before:

On my birthday I’ve arrange a meal which will be the first time my parents and boyfriends parents will meet. I’m a little nervous for the out come as they are such different types of people. I on one hand have four parents, when we all thought twos enough, as a result of my parents divorce and re-married.

I’m just glad my birth parents are outgoing enough to be the ones to start conversations, plus my dad can talk for Britain and to absolutely anyone, which can actually be really embarrassing but I love him for it.

Parents meeting After:

On the night itself my dad was unable to attend as a family matter occurred, so my mum and step dad were the only ones to have met my boyfriends parents. I was very happy with the outcome, they hit it off well with having quite a few things in common. A few topics that were spoken about were their similar music interests and how our family trees are so confusing, It then lead to if we ever want to tie the knot, my boyfriend and I both turned to one another with a face of shock hahaha, a little soon to be talking about that for us right now, lucky it wasn’t my mum suggesting it but his. That night I had the most amount of conversations with his parents, his mum particular then I’d really had over the past few weeks, mainly because we’d found so many more topics of discussion with our similar interests.

Well that was a little insight of my parents meeting, if you have a story related to this feel free to comment below, I’ve heard my fair share of difficult meetings.

until next time.





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