Shopping Stress

Ever had trouble clothes shopping?
I know I do, Especially if it isn’t my regular shop. There are always thoughts running through my head including; will it fit? Do I need to try it on? would it look right in areas? will I be showing too much chubby skin? I bet it will be too small.
I used to always have this problem, I know it will vary with each one of us as to how we are to get through this situation but the way my thought process is now is, we are in this shop for the same reason so don’t think too much.

You may also have times where you feel people are looking at you but the majority of the time they are just looking and not really taking in what they are looking at but with these thoughts I feel I shouldn’t pick up items that I like including bikini’s, crop tops and clingy outfits because I feel I am being judged just from looking at them let alone wearing them.
I don’t know what is more annoying, buying items in a shop and not trying on because you don’t want to be seen purchasing certain items or buying online and not having the opportunity to try on so its then the hassle of trying to return the items when they don’t fit.


Some shops are not always true to size and this bothers me because I already feel big enough with the size I have that I don’t want to make it two, three times bigger especially when they don’t make them bigger. So if they were true to size already there wouldn’t be this problem.
I find with my size that because I’m on the largest regular size, that it’s always been easier purchasing items from the plus size range (if available) but in the smallest size which is a UK 18. This seems to work with the majority of shops but some cases I have to go slightly larger with certain items such as bodysuits and play suits, Just so I have a bit more movable room but it also depends on the material too.

Another problem I have when online shopping is the models they use, yes the item may look good on this thin model but what about us larger ladies, its just a guessing game, even with the plus size clothing they use the same models, but why? this is no help, how do I know how items such a body cons are going to cling, is it going to show every chubby part and curve? I don’t know.

These are all the main problems that spring to mind when I’m doing any form of clothes shopping. If you have any other problems, comment below so I can raise the issue and get more people involved in discussions.