Drugstore Haul

So I’ve recently made a few purchases, seven items in total with one free gift (always love the free part), three of the items I’ve wanted a few months back when I spotted them but they were always out of stock or only had one, so I didn’t think it’d be worth the order.

First item is the makeup revolution skin kisses highlighter in the shade ‘ice kiss’, it’s this amazing pearly gold shade with a pretty large mirror and the packaging is gorgeous, so it’s defiantly worth the money.

The next item was this eye shadow pallet by makeup revolution called ‘unicorns are real’ with 12 shades in total, ranging from dark metallic blues and purples to pearly white shades. The pigmentation is incredible with a little bit going a long way, this palette defiantly won’t disappoint for the price you’re paying.DSC00326

The third item is this absolutely amazing highlighter (mainly because it’s unicorn related) done by the brand I ❤️ makeup, which is a sister brand to makeup revolution. It’s called the ‘unicorn heart’ and I’ve heard so many things about this highlighter which one of this reasons it took so long for me to get hold of it, as it was sold out constantly. It consists of the five colours of the rainbow with of course a shimmer effect. The packaging is so cute in this little heart shaped box, really making it a unicorns heart. This is the first rainbow highlighter I’ve owned and I have really high hopes for it.

The next item was purchased mainly because I’ve heard so many things on YouTube about it and I felt like I was missing out but I could never bring myself to buy it full price and luckily it was on sale and they only had my shade, so it was kinda fate. It’s collections lasting perfection concealer in the shade ‘fair’. I tend to buy concealer in the brightest shade as I mainly only use it for under my eyes to cover up my bags from all my late nights.


To receive the free gift in this purchase I needed to by one more item and so that was the makeup revolution colour chaos eye shadow palette. It has 18 shades in very bright colours of green, yellow and more.


The free gift is again another makeup revolution eye shadow pallet, one of their newest pieces called ‘revoholic eyes’ they have a variety of shimmer and matte, light and dark shades and I’m pretty excited to try this out.


Last but no mean least is MUA luxe lip lacquers, I didn’t need to purchase these but because they were on sale I couldn’t help myself, along with the fact my shop doesn’t stock either of these shades. The main one I wanted is this blue in the shade ‘blue ice’ and the other is a white shade you put on before to intensify the colour, I’d never seen this product before and I hoping it will work with other lip products from different brands too.

so that’s my haul and I hope you enjoyed




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