Fulfilling Fantasies

Everyone has a fantasy for how they want to get fucked, even if they say they don’t, they do, it’s probably an extreme one.

I haven’t really thought about mine, though I probably wouldn’t mind something along the lines of fifty shades of grey, or even just doing it in different locals when its high risk of getting caught, Maybe even just getting dressed up in pretty lingerie and teasing him.

I felt naughty in trying to fulfilling my boyfriends fantasy late last year, though it was extremely difficult and still hasn’t been achieved, though after thinking about it, it’s probably not the bestΒ idea as it could lead to many complications.

You wanna know what it was?

A threesome, particularly with another girl.

Not for the pleasure of me trying it on with a girl but for his excitement to see his girl getting it on with another. In all honesty I didn’t mind wanting to try it, it would have been an experience and I’ve never been 100% sure on my sexuality, though I know I’m definitely into guys, I’m probably slightly bi.

Fulfilling fantasies may not even be possible, not 100% sure if this is true but a few weeks ago I watched a movie of a couples fantasies, and the women wanted to get rapped by her husband, but of course with her consent after telling him. Long story short, he attempted to be a robber and resulted in him getting a broken nose and sprained ankle and her knocked out unconscious, he then lied and said he did rape her to make her happy.

Porn is also a large part of some guys fantasies, them wanting sex in the scenes to be like that, when in reality of course its not. Its created to look good with all their camera skills and filters.

Well that’s a little something on fantasies :p




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