elf Make up

A few weeks back I went to my local drugstore ‘Superdrugs’, I knew they were expecting to have it available soon but I didn’t realise how soon. I was just casually shopping then spotted the elf stand in the corner of my eye. Superdrugs have replaced their Miss Sporty range for elf, so I’m hopping it’ll be pretty good. In total I brought five items, primer, foundation, powder, eyeliner and mascara. I’ve heard a few things about elf from watching a variety of different YouTubers. They’re all affordable products though some are slightly pricer then other products within the store.

So to start, the packaging is pretty cute, with a clean simple look. I couldn’t wait to try them so I had to after a session at the gym.Β DSC00285.JPG

Beginning with the primer mist, it says you can use it before or after applying the make up. In all honesty I thought I was getting rained on, it was just so wet. I even tried it after my full face and it made it very hard to open my eyes as it made all the mascara stick the lashes together. It does make your face feel hydrated and smooth which makes it nice and easy for when applying foundation.Β DSC00280

The foundation gave really good coverage and didn’t feel like I was wearing anything, I’d say it’s a medium coverage, not cakey but covers everything but then again I’m having a fairly good skin stage.DSC00282

The powder is really good, slight chalky feel but it mattifys everything and I really like how its white, compared to a colour.DSC00279

A real let down was the eyeliner, it’s a waterproof black eyeliner pen. Honestly it was just not an easy product to use, it was dry and didn’t flow out smoothly. It gave a nice flick when it actually came out. I can say I most likely won’t use this again.


I had a variety of mascaras to pick from so I chose the most interesting, I chose the 3-in-1 mascara in the shade very black. I has an interesting shaped bristle with a small ball at the end, you think it’d make it easier for doing the corner lashes but because it’s too big its easy to make a mess.DSC00281

And here’s the finished result…

Hope you enjoyed reading my review πŸ™‚




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