Date ideas

We have a point in our lives where we find it a struggle to think of where to go on a date, Well I can give you a few date ideas but honestly it depends what type of people you are. Personally I like to do a variety of different things but there’s a variety of factors that are needed to take in to account such as weather and expenses.18360672_1955681524650881_2123712757_n.jpg

Typically for dates we enjoy going to different locations and trying there foods and exploring towns and beaches and seeing what activities they have to offer. I also really enjoy taking photos whenever we go out to save those special memories and can possible make a really nice gift or ideas towards a gift.


A few months back we went to a different location every weekend and explored them. First was Portsmouth, I’d been there a few years ago but my partner hadn’t so that was something different, we explored the boats on show like the HMS Victory.


The weekend after was Hastings, we’d had both been there previously but not together. We went on the cliff lift and took a long walk all around the top,trying to find an old mine, which turned out to be cornered off, it was so windy we thought we were gonna fly away.19512002_1980348375517529_150000126_n

Along the sea front we also played some crazy golf, that was hilarious with the wind, I had no chance of wining. For dinner we went to a little chip shop which had a feel for the old town inside with the antique chairs and tables.19239396_1980348392184194_2113966442_n.jpg

A few weeks later we went to Bournemouth to a kitty cafe, I was so excited about that. I have cats already but going to a place that shouldn’t have them seems so much more fun, along with it being something different for the two of us.17911026_1943287395890294_936583775_n

Well here’s some ideas:

  • long walks
  • meals out
  • explore new locations
  • find an activity together like dancing
  • cinema/ theatre
  • museums
  • zoo
  • concert
  • waterparks

That’s just a few ideas which are either free of fairly cheap. I’ll later be doing another post on free or extremely cheap date ideas in depth.




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