Mine And Richard’s One Year Anniversary

Richard and I’s one year anniversary has just past and we had a really special day having an adventure in London.

To start our travels,

We departed at around 7.30am to catch our train down to London Victoria where we then got a cheeky Mc Donalds breakfast. We then caught the underground to Camden station and travelled down to Regents Park ZSL London Zoo by bus. We arrived at 10.30am which was pretty early, so that ment no ques and as we prepaid for our tickets we got let straight in.


Upon entry we headed straight into the Gorilla Kingdom with an instant greeting of some baby monkeys and a gorilla. Then it was onto the Tigers where I got some pretty good photos.DSC00413


We then ended up facing a camel with a real hump. πŸ˜‰


Richard and I then ended up in some child’s farm area with pigs, goats, chickens, donkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs.

There was then some bubble hole to look through that had some strange creature, turned out to be a porcupine, I never released how tame they could be.

The Meerkat’s were so cute with their little ways.


It was then onto the ‘Land of the Lion’s’, they were so beautiful as they sunbathed.


Walking though some doors we discovered we were in the squirrel monkey’s room, which we had no barrier between us and them, One of them was carrying a tiny baby.


We then went onto the Bugs section which turned out to be the worst for me, for they had spiders. There was a whole room in which the spiders were in webs above you, I ran though that pretty much as they are my worst fear and I felt I was far too close to them. I told Richard he could go back in as I knew I was too quick for him to really look, so I wait outside the next time round.


Birds were our next stop and after seeing these three huge pelicans, we had to get a selfie :D.19679550_1986364614915905_662613664_n.jpg

Penguins were what Richard wanted to see and so we got real close to their tank, that he kept getting splashed :D. Their woddle is so cute.


Then into the greenhouse of butterflies that could freely fly about and kept touching our heads, they were huge and beautifully coloured, each with their own unique pattern.


Sea aquarium was next on the list, with wanting to see a starfish, shark, Sea turtle, Nemo and Dory. Unfortunately no shark or sea turtle but there were other turtles. They had various shapes, sizes and colours of starfishes, my personal favourite were the blue ones.

I had high hopes there’d be a clown fish (Nemo) and a blue tang (Dory) from one of my favourite Disney film ‘Finding Nemo/ Finding Dory’ and luckily they did.

Then for the main reason why I wanted to go to a zoo, Giraffe’s. I’d never seen one in the flesh and they turned out to be my favourite animal there. They are just so graceful with their long legs and neck, though they did do something pretty grim, one was having a wee and another bent down and drank it, ewww.Β DSC00575.JPGDSC00578.JPG

Last were hippos, they were tiny but chubby and that made them really cute.


Of course there were a few more animals but I didn’t want to completely bore you haha.

I had to have a quick browse in the gift shop, because who doesn’t? I got some really adorable things.

We then caught the underground to Leicester Square where we were planning on eating. We had a gorgeous meal at the place directly opposite the station, ‘Angus Steak House’, we had Calamari Rings starter and then the main, which I had BBQ Pulled pork chicken with chips and Richard had a Chicken Carolina.

For some added adventure, we took a walk through China town, which we then ended up at Hamleys, the oldest and largest toy shop in the world and one of the world’s best-known retailers of toys. Richard and I were shocked at how many floors the shop had. We then ventured onto the Disney store which I was fairly disappointed about, mainly because how small and crowed the store was, we were like sardines.

We then travelled home during rush hour which of course ment no seats for the majority of the journey. By the end of this day we were so tired and ready for bed.

Thank you so much to my amazing boyfriend Richard, for having treated me to this whole day.

I love you mostest.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got something out of this, even if its just an idea for you to do as a day out πŸ™‚






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