Testing Silicone Sponge

I’ve heard many mixed reviews on silicon sponges and so I thought I should find out for myself. I had a few options of different brands to buy from but I didn’t want to be let down so I went with the cheapest I could find, which was primark a set of two for Β£2.

The benefits of a sili sponge is you use less product such as foundation, compared to a beauty blender which absorbs the product. This could initially save you quiet a lot of money from not having to fork out for a new foundation as often but will it give you a good looking surface is the question.Β 
To begin we’ll just take a quick look at my skin before applying foundation.
I applied my everyday foundation, which is an elf product in the shade porcelain and it’s quite full coverage so I knew I wouldn’t need much.
This was the outcome…..
Β DSC00650.JPG

It was horrible, the finish was all streaky.

I may have used barely any product but it still seemed to be too much because unlike a sponge, it doesn’t absorb any product, it just smears it across your face.

I highly doubt that any other brand that make silicone sponges would be any better, because of course it’s all the same material being used.

I’m glad I only paid what I did for them as I was extremely disappointed and I know full well I’ll never use them again, But they may be good for other products such as moisturiser.

If you’ve found them to be any good then feel free to let me know, It’d be good to know someones actually using them.




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