Money saving tips

Over the past 7 months I’ve been saving up for my traveling trip to Australia, if you want to find out more check out ‘following my dreams‘, I learnt how to save with a few little tricks and discipline.

So to start I’d say the easiest thing to do is get a money box, this can either be a simple diy or if your happy to spend a little, then a shop brought one. Just use these for any spare change you have floating about. I personally own two, one for pennies, which is a real cheap smash pot, I paid around £2.99. The other is for silver and notes and I spent around £10, it was a bit pricer as it can only be smashed into. This makes you not want to smash it as it’s such a pretty design. It also had a cute quote about saving for your dreams. I did end up smashing that one as there was the change in money design for pound coins, I knew I had a few of them. My boyfriend for my birthday then brought me a new pink one with the quote ‘Live, laugh, Save’.DSC00664

The second tip would be writing down your income and outcome and seeing what you can set aside for saving. (this was just an example and I personally don’t do this but it’s just an idea.)DSC00667

Then I recommend opening a savings account. I put in around a quarter of my pay check in each month, this seems to be really working as I only have one big thing to pay for each month and that’s just rent to my parents. dsc00665.jpg

Lately I seem to be purchasing items because I want them and don’t need them, so along side spending, I’m also selling the items I don’t use on local selling sites, the few I use are all found on Facebook but you can also do it on other sites like eBay or an app called depop (there’s other sites like this).


Another possibility is doing overtime at work, I personally haven’t done any overtime in a while because I already work full time and barely have time to myself as it is, though if I was desperate I could.

You could live on a budget if you purchase items for your household, things like shampoo/ conditioner, deodorant, cheaper food alternatives. There’s so many options out there, you may just need to look a little harder.

A personal problem I have is with food, everyday I have work I buy food there ( I work in a food shop btw) the meal deals are where I spend the most plus a little extra treat, I spend around £5 a day and I work 5 days a week, making that £25 a week, making that £100 a month on just food, I know if I plan my week out correctly I can do a whole food shop for a few weeks making it less then half the months total.

There are are so many other ways that can save you money, here’s a few ideas:

restyling clothes- instead of buying new clothes, even items that are currently in trend that can cost excessive amounts can be fairly easy to recreate using your own clothes. Etsy- if you have a passion for making things, turn it into a business.

Etsy offers the chance for all creators to sell their goods. I know a fair few people who do this and there businesses are all working well.

Another job, you may find you have free evenings or weekends, what about getting another job such as babysitting or dog walking. I can always offer to look after my nephews and sometimes get a little money for doing so.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration on how you can save money.




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