The past weekend I took a little trip to France with Richard and his parents tagged along.

Our day started off by waking up at 4.45am and then setting off for the coach at 5.40am, we then ended up waiting around a few minutes for the stragglers.

After setting off at 6.10am we began our journey to Dover port which we were booked on a ferry for 8.20am but as there was a lot of traffic coming into Dover we didn’t arrive till 8.50am.

We had to catch the hour later ferry which then turned out to be our originally ferry as they we’re also disrupted. This was my first time on a ferry and also to France. The ferry itself was pretty awesome, fairly packed with passengers but it had a duty free shop filled with so many sweets, alcohol and makeup.

Richard and I by this time were very hungry but there was no chance with the excessive queues for the cafe. It was around a 90 minute trip with the ferry then continuing with the coach till arriving at le touquet at 11.50am.

First stop was food, walking through the town it was filled with many restaurants and clothes stores, so we ended up viewing the menus and chose one called ‘all saints’ which had the theme of golf and polo. I wanted to try something different so I got an omelette with bacon and chips, Richard got a salmon steak, we enjoyed it very much.

Off exploring, we walked down the road to the start of a little woodland area, a cute tower caught my eye, I wanted to be Rapunzel.


Upon walking though the woods we discovered a tree trunk stack painted like pencils.


Every adventure away I like to get souvenir, scouting the shops I purchased a post card, I also collect sand from the beach but only remembered when on the coach back home (sad times).


The architecture of the houses looked awesome, especially because of the window shutters.


Arriving at the beach I knew straight away I wanted a photo with the stone Eiffel Tower which looked incredible, I took a few snaps.DSC00679.JPG



The beach itself was 5 miles long of pure white sand and fairly blue sea.


Richard and I then used the restroom that cost 50cents to change into our swim wear, I was happy to get to show off my new tattoo.2017-07-27 (1)

The sea was pretty cold and took some real strength to go fully in, the current was strong pushing in and out. Drying off we then took a walk in which we stumbled across mini golf that we played a few holes and I won.

Getting peckish we headed to another restaurant on the search for snails, ew, luckily they weren’t for me.

Fortunately we found one, I just wanted chips and so Richard ordered he starter of 6 snails and the main being some noodles with cockles.


When they arrived they were covered in garlic, to the point he couldn’t finish the main. After that it was time to return to the coach for our long journey home.

Back on the ferry we brought some goodies, two huge bars of chocolate and I couldn’t leave this adorable despicable me unicorn teddy behind, it was missing from my collection.

2017-07-27 (2)

We didn’t arrive back till gone midnight but luckily I had a little nap.

It may have seemed like a short day being there but it was really a day of just chilling especially as it only offered restaurants and clothes stores.

Hope you enjoyed, I do recommend le touquet.




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