What do they mean to us?

How do we stop them from hurting?

Since being plus size for so long I’ve become oblivious to these hurtful words, until someone I cared for said it as a joke. Yes I carried along with this but deep down it hurt badly as I didn’t think someone so close to me would think of saying such things.

Enough about me, we have all been hurt by words, but should words really effect us?

Everyday words are said to people who are judged on their appearance but what is the perfect appearance?

We all have that image in our head that the perfect women is some skinny, big boobed with long shining hair and legs that go on for miles or at least this is what I envision but that is only because that is the only type of women that are shown in my everyday life with TV and the internet.

The quote ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ is easily sad but honestly it’s not that easy.

Bullying is such a big thing through out school, with the constant judgement of peoples appearance, you wear glasses? judged. You have braces? Judged. Got no boobs, at your age? Judged. Larger then average? Judged.

You may have not have these things said to you all the time but that doesn’t mean their not thinking it. I know we cant stop ourselves doing this, but we could all at least have the decency not to be rude and say anything.

The times are changing and so are peoples personal interests and styles.

It’s OKAY to be different.

I personally don’t want to be within a world where everyone is exactly the same because that would become incredibly boring very quickly.

For example;

If people comment on some extremely bright blue lipstick you’re wearing, then take pride in wearing it, for all you know they could be secretly jealous of you on two things,

1) The lipstick itself.


2) The confidence you have in wearing it.


Not long ago I was called out on the way I wear my eyeliner by not having a wing, back then I was never bothered in having wings because I knew so many people who wear that look, I didn’t want to be the same or what I’d call them ‘sheepeople’, people who follow all the trends and want to be the same, like how sheep follow one another.

I enjoy being that type of person, to stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to do the same πŸ™‚






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