Festival makeup look

I really wanted to create a festival look so I can try out loads of bright colours and of course glitter, this is with intentions to wear to pride.DSC00712.JPG
We’ll skip my base products of primer, foundation, concealer, powder and brows and go straight to the eyes.
Using make up revolutions ‘colour chaos’ palette I take the dark pink in the shade ‘Pink Obsessed’ and put it in my crease, because it’s so pigmented I take my real techniques blending brush and blend out towards my eyebrows.DSC00725
Next I went back in using the same pink back into my crease and this time I blend over the eye lid, making this a slightly darker shade.DSC00699.JPG
Taking my soap and glory ‘supercat’ eyeliner, I create a simple wing. Using maybeline’s pixie collection ‘The falsies push up drama’ mascara, I add that to my top lashes.
For this look I wanted to have an added extra of fake lashes from primark, I found great difficulty in putting them on that day as I had a cold and my eyes kept tearing up making it too wet for the glue. I finally got there though and used eyelash curlers to stick the lashes together.Β DSC00705.JPG
Using a smaller real techniques brush I added some blue in the shade ‘Wkd’ to my lower lashes and then mascara. As this is such a bright makeup look I thought I might as well have bright lips, so I used my blue kylie Jenner lipkit in the shade ‘Skylie’.
Now for my favourite part, Glitter! I wasn’t following any design and I made it up on the spot. The glitter I used was a pack of 3 from primark for Β£3. starting with the glue they provided, I added it to my cheek bones and dabbed my finger in the glitter and slowing added it. I then took so more glue and went more under my eyes and used the pink.Β DSC00730
And that’s the completed look though you may have seen through Instagram I also had glitter blue lips, I just added the glue to my lips and dabbed again.
I’m pretty impressed with the glitter set as I was concerned it was gunna have constant fall out but nope, in fact I had more difficulty taking it off.
Hope you enjoyed this little pop of colour.



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