4 Festival Essentials

Festival time is so much fun especially with all the sparkle and colour included. I’ve put this list of festival essentials together as you may have forgotten one or two things.

1. Glitter, this has to be my favourite part with all the different varieties of colour and sparkle. I can’t wait to be smothered in it. I wore hair and face glitter which kinda made me feel like a fairy πŸ˜‰ .


2. Sunglasses, I can’t wait to be rocking out with my latest on shades, of course hoping for that sun shine. I didn’t take mine as I was expecting rain but the sun did shine so I was upset about that.


3. Bum bag/ chest bag, I myself don’t own a bum bag but I do own a few chest bags which I shall use to keep my valuables close to me. Luckily I did as there were so many people.

4. Camera, I love taking snaps when I’m out. This could either be on your phone or an actually camera. You may be like me and eventually run out of memory on your phone so you have to delete pics so it’d probably be the best idea to have made sure you have space.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this festival time, let me know what ones you’ve gone to πŸ™‚



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