Last Saturday I experienced my first real pride down in Brighton.


The day started out by sprinkling glitter all over me and my girl Beth ❤ . I created a festival look with pride in mind, if you wanna check it out ‘here‘!


I wore a simple outfit that was comfy yet bright, a yellow bodysuit for £7 in the Newlook sale, embroidery flower shorts from Pep & Co for £12, a black choker from river island and black vans.


Travelling down to Brighton was fairly easy as there was room on board the train though no seats. We arrived half way through the parade through town which was really good to see with all the different floats and people dressed up.

Walking through the streets was horrendous, people were walking so slow and it was completely packed. Arriving at Preston park we headed to the bar which was so expensive, £6 for a small paper cup of alcohol so Beth and I didn’t bother drinking.

We had to get a slushy though 😉 20645912_2002571463295220_1551815046_n.jpg

Heading to the main stage there was an act on and she was pretty good, making us have a little boogie followed with a sit down. After roaming around the park we went on the first ride called the space flyer. We could see over the whole park and it was incredible but for a shocking £4.50 for not even five minutes.


Beth and I headed back round the park to explore the dance tents, the best was ‘Urban world dance tent’ but because it was the best, it was filled, so it got pretty hot pretty quick.

We ended up on another ride, this time ‘Speed’ which spins upside down at some speeeeeeed 😉 , that cost £5 and eventually went up in price through out the day.


Back at the main stage acts were getting good, Louisa Johnson was brilliant with some of her hits including ‘Tears’ and ‘So good’. Becky Hill who sang ‘Afterglow’ which I didn’t realise, I’m now a pretty big fan after knowing that, her latest song ‘False alarm’ is amazing, filled with a lot of emotion. Next was the main act….. Years And Years, they played some hits such as ‘King, Eyes shut and Take shelter’ and Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’.


Through out the performances they shot out confetti and the crowd was amazing, joining in with every song.



Not long after that we left as we weren’t really up to watching ‘Pet shop boys’ and we knew the train home would be packed.

Did you attend pride? 🙂




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