First Kiss Tips

If I was given some form of advice before I had my first kiss, I reckon it may have gone slightly smoother, though I seem to learn more from experience.

Not a Broadway show~  

The first kiss should be a special moment between only you and them, so don’t waste it in front of an audience, find some place secluded and quiet so you can concentrate on each other.  keep the volume to a minimum, there is no need for loads of theatrics.

Short and Sweet~ 

No need to be packing all your feelings into one long kiss but keep it short and sweet as there shall be more kissing to come. This should feel just like a preview and by making it not last hours will make your partner wanting more.

Keep Calm~

The movies can make the first kiss seem like some dragged out thing where you end up staring into one another’s eyes for a long period of time. When in reality this can be seriously embarrassing, especially when you’re both standing there awkwardly


A priority before any date is to have brushed your teeth to leave you with fresh breath, teeth and lips. After having eaten have some gum or a mint, stinky breath is not a turn on, though when it comes to the deed make sure it’s gone as you don’t want any obstacles.

The Moves~

Kissing always seems like some choreographed routine. The guy goes one way and you go the opposite, that way it all runs smoothly.

Hope all works out well in your pursuit 😉




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