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Growing Up|| Moving Out tips and advice- Part 2

Hey Beauties,

I hope you’re all doing good and welcome to part 2 of my moving out tips and advice. I really enjoyed making these posts and so I’m sure to make more.

In no particular order here’s 15 more tips and advice.

  1. Turn the fridge/ freezer on-

    These are always more then likely turned off when you move in and since they need a few hours to get chilled make sure it’s one of the first things you do, especially as moving isn’t an easy task so cracking open a cold one in the evening is very appealing.

  2. Decor-

    This can be pretty pricey for your place to look nice, so if you’re crafty you can make things for far cheaper.

  3. Let there be light-

    Make sure you have light bulbs otherwise you’ll realise it’s getting dark too quick and you don’t want a mid night shopping trip.

  4. Register to vote-

    This isn’t an automatic thing so you need to give them your new address.

  5. Unwanted post-

    On moving day, you may find a pile of the old tenants post. It’s illegal to open and wrong to throw away so simply write return to sender, person unknown.

  6. Throw/ donate-

    Doing these things prior to moving would be so much better, meaning you don’t need to pack as much stuff when it comes to moving.

  7. Update your address-

    Let places such as the bank know the updated address.

  8. Plan out meals-

    When it comes to food shopping it can be extremely expensive and if you’re buying things that you won’t end up eating, for example a whole loaf of bread, buy a smaller one or none at all.

  9. Alarms-

    Make sure all the fire alarms work as you don’t want any nasty accidents.

  10. Suppliers-

    Don’t go for the first deal you see when it comes to things like WiFi, shop around as you’re more then likely to find a far better deal.

  11. Transportation-

    This is pretty important given it’s moving your entire life from one place to the next so make sure you’re either doing it yourself and have the right vehicle available or hire out a company which will cost more but make sure they have good reviews.

  12. Time off work-

    It’s hard enough to juggle a social life and work together but since adding moving house to the mix is sure to be tiring so see if you can get the Time off work for just a few days, even if it means only to move everything in with no unpacking.

  13. Basic brands-

    Don’t be so picky when it comes to things like food shopping, basic brands are just as good as the real thing, they simply don’t spend the money on packaging.

  14. Ask about the walls-

    If you’re renting, landlords tend to not like having holes put in the walls, so if that’s the case you can use Velcro tape and command hooks.

  15. Locksmith-

    When moving into the place it would be best to ask the landlord if they installed a new door lock as all the keys may not have been handed in, if not it may be best to get a new one.

Hope you’ve enjoyed part 2. If you’ve read both part 1 and 2 and seen I’ve missed some good points, feel free to message me.



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