Couple gifts

Hey Christmas Beauties,

Hope you’re all doing fab and merry Christmas! 

Welcome to day 6 of blogmas. Today I’ll be sharing with you some gift ideas for couples, these could be for your significant other or for the pair of you. These range from really affordable to slightly more expensive. 

Starting with really affordable DIYs- 

  • 365 days of notes in a jar- this is a really personal gift that has a lot of time and effort put into it. The sort of things you can put inside could be memories, why I love you, future plans.29FDDE16-2BC2-4C06-AA5B-4974704B27F7
  • Envelops- when you’re sad, when you’re missing me, when you need some motivation etc. The are simple notes that can give your love one a smile in their moment of need.
  • Date ideas- lolly sticks, free, under £20, under £50, under £100. You even do the same idea as the photo below. 5531BFE8-10A4-4A12-A506-861417A02ED2
  • Money box- this could be how you save together for little adventures or maybe even something a simple as a game you want together. 
  • Scrapbook- scrapbooking is something I really enjoy and it could make such a personal gift to the one you love. Some ideas could include: holidays/ trips, future plans, reasons why you love them.464740E6-A2AE-4BA9-8821-D4A82BC41020
  • Keepsake box- I’m currently making one for Richard and I. I wanted somewhere to keep things like cards and little souvenirs from trips. I like keeping cards and so if they have somewhere to live, Richard has no excuse as to why I can’t keep them. 

Purchasable gifts-

  • Quiz book- I came across a couples quiz book the other day in a independent shop and I just had to purchase it, get ready for that Richard. I just thought it would be a cute little thing to do together and find out how well you really know your partner. 
  • Spa day- I’ve wanted to book one of these for so long but just haven’t found the right one that I can also afford so this makes the perfect gift if your happy to spend a little more. I’m planning to book Richard and I some full body massages for just after Christmas with the excuse of saying it’s our 2 and a half years anniversary. 6B6D3843-8C8E-427D-9DB6-63C77BAAE1FA
  • Board games- this is some of the best ways to pass the time. Richard recently taught me how to play chess and so we’ve become pretty competitive now. We’ve also added in some more games like monopoly and ‘the game of life’ which we were addicted to when we house sat my sisters. E0950E15-52FB-488B-8226-3D5BFA0D3CF1.jpeg
  • Console game- Richard and I really enjoy gaming so having a game we can play together is even better. Some games I recommend are: over cooked, call of duty, Mario, Donkey Kong.8B1A2C49-F748-45AD-BDFA-1D9004D045A9
  • Matching clothing- I’m really cheesy when it comes to Christmas, I like having a matching cheesy jumper and if I could then pjs. 09359DC4-AF8A-434C-9738-4150E22C82F4.jpeg
  • Cinema subscription- if you go to the cinema a lot then investing in a subscription is more cheaper then paying for every movie you see. Richard and I were going to be getting one but then I developed my anxiety and I went one time and that turned into a very bad experience. AC669DB4-98D4-43B4-8F6C-60A2047BE1F4
  • Experience trip- these can be extremely good. Richard received one for his 21st birthday to fly a plane and I was fortunate enough to be his passenger. I highly recommend something like this.305309B8-E3C3-4C43-9C02-C9B64DCEE162What couple gift ideas do you have? 

Lots of love




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