Gift Ideas For Her

Hey Christmas Beauties 

Hope you’re all doing well. 

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I want to give you a list of gift ideas for her. Over the years I tend to give the same type of gifts as I do find they are more of an essential and they do get used, compared to the usual tat. 

I’ve created this list including items of various prices and some more of a personal touch. 

  • Dressing Gown– this of one of them items I know gets constantly used through out the year and because it’s so used, washing it time and time again makes it no longer soft and cosy, which makes it the perfect gift to repurchase. 
  • Slippers- same as the dressing gown, this is one that needs repurchasing but of course you can switch it up by choosing different designs.
  • Bath set– My mum and sisters and most women I know love a good bath set. You could even buy individual products if you know what they like. I personally love the body shop and lush, they do amazing Christmas sets all for very affordable prices. You could even go a step further and help out small local businesses, just check online to find your nearest. 
  • Nail varnish– I love doing my nails when I can, which is extremely rare but I do own some really beautiful shades. Some personal favourites of brands include Barry M, nails inc and essie. 
  • Photo frame- women love photos, trust me. Having them on display is the best part so having a really pretty frame to match makes it extra special. 
  • Jewellery– I don’t know a women who doesn’t like at least one piece of jewellery so you can’t exactly go wrong. Pandora is a personal favourite of mine, the bracelet in particular as you can personalise it to them. Mines full with unicorns, travel related and things related to me like my star sign. 
  • Bag- there are so many different varieties of bags that I’m sure you can find something they might like. Maybe spy on the type of bag there using currently to get an idea at what you should be looking at. I’m currently on the go with two bags, my backpack as I use that for work and the gym. Then a small black cross over chest bag for when I’m doing things like shopping. 
  • Duvet cover– I’m kind of addicted to purchasing duvets, I find really cute ones then I end up ruining them cause Richard and I eat on the bed. Guess the lesson I should learn is not to eat on the bed. Asda and primark have really cute ones for such affordable prices, a double duvet is around £12. This year I splashed out on a Christmas one from next as it was covered in cacti and I’m obsessed, this was £25, the most I’ve spent on bedding. 
  • Face cream– finding a face cream to do a decent job can be fairly hard to find. I recommend the body shop, they are categorised by skin types making it so much easier to help out their needs. 
  • Custom Cushion– I have a real thing for cushions but I never actually make my bed to have them presented nicely, on the other hand I still wouldn’t mind have another one plus have a custom one would possibly want me to make the bed. I got Richard a custom cushion of him and I for our first Christmas together, I probably got this because I really wanted it. There’s a fair few places that do prints on cushions but boots is my personal favourite. 
  • Purse– I’m in need of a new one as is most women every year. 
  • Candles– I’m a real lover of candles and I know most of the females in my life are too. Yankee candles are my favourite they do Christmas candle sets around the £10 mark but you could possibly find them cheaper in places like Clinton’s, Asda or even just online. The Yankee candle store even sell beautiful accessories such as tea light holders, light lids for jars and many more.
  • Perfume – I love walking past people who smell beautiful, so why not be that person. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. I found so many cute things when searching for the links so I’ll no doubt be doing some shopping.

Lots of Love




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