Hey beauties,

I’m Lauren, age 20 living in England.

I began my journey of beautifully big back in March 2017 and never looked back, I know I’m definitely no success but I don’t write for that, I write because I enjoy it and want to share things such as reviews on product or places and even the whole reason I began my blog in the first place, being plus size and the issue that follow that.

I’m probably one of the weirdest people you’ll meet but I doubt you’ll forget me. I’m a crazy unicorn and mermaid obsessed lover with the hopes that one day I’ll actually turn into a mermaid but since having wished that with every birthday cake, it’s yet to come true so instead I’ll just constantly change my hair. That’s another thing, you’ll never see my hair colour last longer then 3 months and if it does, you’ve witnessed an ultra rare moment.

I have a love for all things arty so much I have art inked on my body, you’d never guess what they are, yep a unicorn and a mermaid, along with the world map.

I have a love for travelling too, my boyfriend and I love exploring new places and so of course I’ll be writing about them. We plan for this year to be filled with many adventures, it started off with Copenhagen. So sit back and join me on this roller coaster called life.