Rating My Drugstore Highlighters

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I’ve been wanting to do a post about highlighters for a while now and so I’ve finally got round to doing it.

Highlighter is probably my favourite product in my makeup bag, I like those real blinding one’s.

So today I want to share with you my thoughts on a few drugstore highlighters I own which I also know are still available to purchase and will link for you if you’re interested. I will be rating them on five main factors, packaging, practical, formula, glow and price.

They will be rated out of five for each factor, 0 being bad, 5 being incredible.

  1. Packaging~ How pretty and eye catching the packaging is.
  2. practical~ If its a multi pack, is it easy to swipe the shade you want.
  3. Formula~ Does it crumble and have a chalky effect.
  4. Glow~ How bright you shine, natural or blinding.
  5. Price~ is it worth how much you paid?



Starting off with my all time favourite highlighter, Makeup Revolutions Strobe highlighter in the shade ‘Flash‘, this is absolutely incredible giving a blinding highlight that could probably light your way through a dark tunnel, no exaggeration. For the price I pay I’m stunned, it’s worth every penny and I couldn’t recommend it more. It has a slight dual chrome blue effect and that is what I love, having an out the ordinary product.

  • Packaging~ I’ll have to give this a 2.5, it’s very plain but does the job.
  • Practical~ A 5 it is as its large enough to dunk my brush in fully.
  • Formula~ This will be a 4, it does have a slight chalk effect and that also depends on the foundation I wear too.
  • Glow~ defiantly a 5 without question.
  • Price~ 5, its worth every penny.

‘Pearlescent Sheen’ 

The next highlight is MUA Undress your skin shimmer highlighter in the shade ‘Pearlescent sheen‘, this is a very close battle between this and the previous highlighter as they both have a dual blue chrome effect, its just I don’t tend to reach for this product as much. For an amazing £3 its defiantly a battle as either highlight does the job so if either product is out of stock I’d certainly pick up the other.

  • Packaging~ 2.5 again very plain but does the job.
  • Practical~ Again 5 it’s large enough to dunk my brush in fully.
  • Formula~ This will be a 3 as it has much more of a chalk feel.
  • Glow~ 2.5 it may look good in the pan but when it comes to applying the product it seems to disappear.
  • Price~ 4.5 as it doesn’t give the brightest of glows.

‘Rainbow Highlighter’ 

Next is Makeup Revolutions ‘Rainbow Highlighter‘, this is incredible for each section of the rainbow actually gives a different shade of highlight. I had to buy this as it gives unicorn vibes and we all know what I’m like when it comes to unicorns and again its just a unique product. For only £4 you get alot of product and its super cute.

  • Packaging~ I have to give this a 4 as I like how it has a holographic rim and you can see the rainbow with all its shine.
  • Practical~ I’ll give this a 5 as I don’t plan of using each colour individually.
  • Formula~ 4.5 it’s not too chalky and it apply’s beautifully.
  • Glow~ 3.5 it does give a great glow but because of the colours, it causes it to fade slightly.
  • Price~ 4 its worth it for the amount of product you get.

‘Unicorns Heart’

I of course had to purchase the I ❤ makeup ‘Unicorns Heart‘ I personally find this product a lot more chalker then the rainbow but it does have the perfect amount of pigmentation. You do however look like you get less product though you don’t, its just in a smaller container. I honestly don’t reach for this product as I know how chalky and how much fallout there is, if I knew this was how the product was gunna be I probably wouldn’t have purchased it for the £4.99 it was but because its a unicorn I have too.

  • Packaging~ This is probably the highest ranked part for the product at a 4.5.
  • Practical~ This has to be a 3 for you can’t really swirl the brush around.
  • Formula~ 2.5 as it is quite chalky.
  • Glow~ 3 for eventually the colour disappears.
  • Price~ 3 I brought it more for the unicorn.


‘Mermaid glow’

This was an amazing product to find, given its from primark. It does have amazing pigmentation and a bright shine, I just find its pretty chalky and has more of a glittery effect, it was £3 and although I couldn’t find the product online I know shops still have it available.

  • Packaging~ for this I’ll give 3.5 it’s quite cute with simple bold lettering.
  • Practical~ 5 it’s very easy to get product.
  • Formula~  I’ll give 2, very chalky and easily rubs off.
  • Glow~ 3 when the product doesn’t actually rub off.
  • Price~ 1, for £3 I’ve gotten better.


‘Cosmic lights’

Cosmic lights‘ This comes with two powders and four cream highlighters. I personally don’t like using cream highlighters so for this I’ll be commenting on the powders. They are really pretty though I do find they rub of easily, I love how there’s a dual blue chrome which it beautiful. The packaging is what stood out to me with the awesome design of space and flying saucers. The colour combination appeals to me as it stands out from the rest. For the price of £7.99 it makes each highlighter around £1.33.

  • Packaging~ this is defiantly a 5, I just love it.
  • Practical~  2, not the easiest of picking a particular section.
  • Formula~ they do give a nice effect though it does have a slight fall out so this is a 3.
  • Glow~ 3 you can build up the glow.
  • Price~  for the product I actually use this will have to be a 1, especially as this is a larger item to travel with, I don’t reach for it.


‘Ice kiss’ 

Skin Kiss in the shade ‘Ice Kiss‘ I brought this as it had so much hype on social media and packaging look high end compared to drugstore. For £5 you get more product then other highlighters, you also get a really big mirror. I don’t reach for this product because this has to be my most chalky highlighter of all.

  • Packaging~ 5, I love the shape and how it has the mirror.
  • Practical~ 1  it’s pretty big so it doesn’t fit in my makeup bag but it’s defiantly easy to pick up product.
  • Formula~ 1, it’s extremely chalky.
  • Glow~ 3 extremely subtle and quite natural.
  • Price~ for the price to amount of product I would say it’s worth it but I’d much rather buy a few others for the price I pay so this will be a 3.


If you liked this style of post let me know for the future as this was certainly fun to write for the purpose of rediscovering highlighters I forgot I had 🙂





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Simple Holiday Makeup

Hey Guy!

Hope you’re doing well?

Going on holiday you wanna look good but don’t want to take a whole lot of products, I also don’t want to be wearing so much it sweats off or when I go swimming, get panda eyes.

I’ve put together a simple make up look that requires minimal products and can be glamed up for an evening look with a few other products.


Starting off with a primer, I use my usual ‘Elf Aqua Mist‘.

Taking my Collection ‘lasting perfection concealer‘ in the shade ‘ Fair 1’ I cover all my redness and any blemishes, I just use this and no foundation.

Then onto brows, I use makeup Revolutions ‘Focus & Fix‘ eyebrow shaping kit in the shade ‘medium dark’.

Using a nifty trio by Makeup Revolution the ‘Ultra sculpt & contour kit‘ in the shade ‘Ultra fair C01’ it includes contour, bush and highlight, I take the contour to bronze my face up. Then using the blush and highlight to give some colour.

Last to add some mascara, the L’Oreal ‘Miss Baby Roll‘ in the shade black. This is one of the best drugstore mascara’s I’ve owned.

So this is the outcome, a very natural and subtle look that works with every outfit and won’t look terrible if it gets wet.   DSC00875

To make it more glamours for the evening I simply add my Soap & Glory ‘Supercat eyeliner‘ and some colour to the lips which shall change depending on the outfit.


I hope you found this useful, one being I’ve linked all the products and proven you don’t need to carry your whole makeup collection in order to look good on holiday.



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elf Make up

A few weeks back I went to my local drugstore ‘Superdrugs’, I knew they were expecting to have it available soon but I didn’t realise how soon. I was just casually shopping then spotted the elf stand in the corner of my eye. Superdrugs have replaced their Miss Sporty range for elf, so I’m hopping it’ll be pretty good. In total I brought five items, primer, foundation, powder, eyeliner and mascara. I’ve heard a few things about elf from watching a variety of different YouTubers. They’re all affordable products though some are slightly pricer then other products within the store.

So to start, the packaging is pretty cute, with a clean simple look. I couldn’t wait to try them so I had to after a session at the gym. DSC00285.JPG

Beginning with the primer mist, it says you can use it before or after applying the make up. In all honesty I thought I was getting rained on, it was just so wet. I even tried it after my full face and it made it very hard to open my eyes as it made all the mascara stick the lashes together. It does make your face feel hydrated and smooth which makes it nice and easy for when applying foundation. DSC00280

The foundation gave really good coverage and didn’t feel like I was wearing anything, I’d say it’s a medium coverage, not cakey but covers everything but then again I’m having a fairly good skin stage.DSC00282

The powder is really good, slight chalky feel but it mattifys everything and I really like how its white, compared to a colour.DSC00279

A real let down was the eyeliner, it’s a waterproof black eyeliner pen. Honestly it was just not an easy product to use, it was dry and didn’t flow out smoothly. It gave a nice flick when it actually came out. I can say I most likely won’t use this again.


I had a variety of mascaras to pick from so I chose the most interesting, I chose the 3-in-1 mascara in the shade very black. I has an interesting shaped bristle with a small ball at the end, you think it’d make it easier for doing the corner lashes but because it’s too big its easy to make a mess.DSC00281

And here’s the finished result…

Hope you enjoyed reading my review 🙂



Drugstore Haul

So I’ve recently made a few purchases, seven items in total with one free gift (always love the free part), three of the items I’ve wanted a few months back when I spotted them but they were always out of stock or only had one, so I didn’t think it’d be worth the order.

First item is the makeup revolution skin kisses highlighter in the shade ‘ice kiss’, it’s this amazing pearly gold shade with a pretty large mirror and the packaging is gorgeous, so it’s defiantly worth the money.

The next item was this eye shadow pallet by makeup revolution called ‘unicorns are real’ with 12 shades in total, ranging from dark metallic blues and purples to pearly white shades. The pigmentation is incredible with a little bit going a long way, this palette defiantly won’t disappoint for the price you’re paying.DSC00326

The third item is this absolutely amazing highlighter (mainly because it’s unicorn related) done by the brand I ❤️ makeup, which is a sister brand to makeup revolution. It’s called the ‘unicorn heart’ and I’ve heard so many things about this highlighter which one of this reasons it took so long for me to get hold of it, as it was sold out constantly. It consists of the five colours of the rainbow with of course a shimmer effect. The packaging is so cute in this little heart shaped box, really making it a unicorns heart. This is the first rainbow highlighter I’ve owned and I have really high hopes for it.

The next item was purchased mainly because I’ve heard so many things on YouTube about it and I felt like I was missing out but I could never bring myself to buy it full price and luckily it was on sale and they only had my shade, so it was kinda fate. It’s collections lasting perfection concealer in the shade ‘fair’. I tend to buy concealer in the brightest shade as I mainly only use it for under my eyes to cover up my bags from all my late nights.


To receive the free gift in this purchase I needed to by one more item and so that was the makeup revolution colour chaos eye shadow palette. It has 18 shades in very bright colours of green, yellow and more.


The free gift is again another makeup revolution eye shadow pallet, one of their newest pieces called ‘revoholic eyes’ they have a variety of shimmer and matte, light and dark shades and I’m pretty excited to try this out.


Last but no mean least is MUA luxe lip lacquers, I didn’t need to purchase these but because they were on sale I couldn’t help myself, along with the fact my shop doesn’t stock either of these shades. The main one I wanted is this blue in the shade ‘blue ice’ and the other is a white shade you put on before to intensify the colour, I’d never seen this product before and I hoping it will work with other lip products from different brands too.

so that’s my haul and I hope you enjoyed



My latest Make up look

Here you my notice my change in hair.

Yep, it’s purple and I love it, So bright.

Anywoo, we’re here for my latest everyday make up look. I’ve used nearly all my latest make up purchases.

I’m loving all the new pieces.

So I start off with primer, since having tested all the elf products I found they work really well on my skin so the majority of my make up bag consists of their products. I use elf ‘Aqua Primer Mist’, I find it has positives and negatives, the negative being its a really wet formula and feels like you’re in a rain storm. The positive being as it is so wet it makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth. The primer says it can be used before and after your make up is applied, I tested it after I applied my make up a previous time and in all honesty I don’t suggest doing it, it made my top and bottom lashes stick together.


The foundation was a happy little find, as I have dry skin I find it tricky to find a decent one. Again another elf product in the shade ‘Porcelain’, it was a really good match too, even better as it includes SPF 15 and gives a flawless finish.


I then go under my eyes using collection’s lasting perfection concealer in the shade ‘Fair 1’. I have this a few shades lighter then my foundation for the purpose of making my under eyes brighter. It is one of the best concealers I’ve ever bought and I only bought it because of YouTube.


Oh what a surprise, another elf product.

Its the elf HD sheer powder. It’s amazing, giving a stunning matte finish. I’ve never previously owned a white powder but this one gives a real brightening effect compared to a coloured powder.


I then go onto eyebrows, using my Makeup Revolution ‘Focus & Fix eyebrow shaping kit’ It consists of three different brown shades, wax, tweezers and a brush. I’ve switched it up from my previous everyday makeup post, as I lasted used a pomade. I had no real reason for this, I just wanted to try something different.

I have an extreme Unicorn addiction so whenever a unicorn product is released I MUST buy it. So for eyes I’m currently using the Makeup Revolution eye shadow pallet in the shade ‘Unicorns are real’. I like to mix up the colours everyday depending on my outfit, I use normally three different shades within the pallet.


One of my favourite parts of makeup is eyeliner. I use soap and glory’s ‘Supercat’ liquid black eyeliner pen. This by far is my favourite eyeliner ever, I will certainly be repurchasing it, maybe even the ‘Supercat Skinny’. My days vary on how I want my liner to be, though the majority of the time now is a wing.


A decent mascara is hard to come by as they all seem to turn out the same way, Though the one that I notice a difference with is Maybeline’s The Pixie collection ‘ The Falsies Push Up Drama’, It adds length and definition to every lash.


I then go onto use Collection’s ‘Precision Contouring’ stick in the shade medium 2. The main areas I contour are my cheek bones and forehead, I occasionally do my chin and nose.


Going over the contour I use Collection’s ‘Gorgeous Glow’ bronzing block in the shade 2. It give a really pretty shimmery effect and makes my face shine a little more.


After giving my face definition I go in and give it some colour using Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Blush in the shade ‘Loved Me The Best’, A marble effect of a dark and light pink blush.


My favourite part of makeup is highlighter and for this I use another Makeup Revolution product, The Strobe Highlighter in the shade ‘Flash’. This is a blinding highlighter and honestly the best £3 I’d ever spent.DSC00332

Lately, the same as every other girl, is lovin the nude lips. So for me I’ve been using Kylie Jenner’s Matte liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Candy K’, a lovely pinky brown shade. It drys down to gorgeous matte finish and stays on for hours.


And so here’s the end result 🙂








The Pixie Collection

A May drugstore purchase is the new Maybeline New York ‘The Pixie Collection’ mascara and cream highlighter.

First I’ll be giving my impression on the mascara, ‘The Falsies Push Up Drama’ with cup shaped bristles. The reason why I purchased these wasn’t because I needed a new one but because I fell in love with the packaging, its just so sparkle and cute.


Look at it…. so cute.


(Disclaimer: ignore how I look, I’d just got back from work and really wanted to test it.)





I found it gave a really natural look with slight added length. I don’t usually use eyelash curlers but for this I did to see the full effect, personally I found it didn’t really do much difference.

Next I tried out the cream highlighter ‘Master Strobing Stick’, I don’t really use creams as I’m so use to using powder highlighters that I forget to not powder my face before the cream. Cream highlighters tend to not work so well over a powdered face as they stick in the one position and when you try to blend they move all the foundation.


This Strobing stick is a beautiful pink shade that if blended enough can leave you with a natural glow.


When its on I found it was very subtle, barely even noticeable. The more I blended the more it looked like it was rubbing away.




My Prom Experience

With prom just around the corner, I thought I’d share my story. Prom in England definitely isn’t as big as places such as American, like how you see in the movies. It of course is still all the glamour but clearly less effort put into it all.

The first thing that I did with the run up to prom, is every girls favourite part, picking the dress. So many different styles, colours and cuts makes it very hard to chose. My family’s budget on a dress was very tight but in all honesty I didn’t mind as I knew there were so many I could chose from still, along with the fact I’d most likely only ever wear it for that evening (I’ve only ever wore it for that evening) so I didn’t feel the need to splash out. Quite a few people I knew spent a fortune on their dress along with getting them all Taylor made to their fit. My dress was second hand brought off some women on a Facebook selling site, I couldn’t really hate it, it was my favourite colour and it was the same situation with them only having worn it once too, it was only £50 so I couldn’t really argue.


Shoes wise I got some plain silver kitten heels about two weeks before from some cheap shoe shop for about £12, though In the end I never wore them, instead I wore my mums wedding shoes that she’d only wore once too, they were a lot more expensive and super comfy.

For my prom we had to organise a table plan with who we’d be sitting with, that was certainly a struggle especially when it was twelve people per table and at the time it was only my friend and I, so we had to squeeze on someone else’s.

The night before prom I spent my evening fake tanning, my first ever time and I was doing it alone, personally I don’t think I did a bad job. On the day of prom I wanted the day to just hurry up so I could start getting ready, that is definitely one of the best parts to prom. I had may hair curly and lucky had my stepmum do it but it still took around three hours to do(I certainly had a numb bum haha).


My make up was just very subtle, no eyeliner but around this time I didn’t really wear it like I do now. Just natural eyeshadow and black mascara. I never filled in my eyebrows back then either. It was then time to put on the dress, before though I was wearing a strapless bodysuit so it smoothed all my curves not that it was noticeable with my style of dress but it did make sliding into it 10x easier.

Before setting off I had many photos taken with family members, a few for the photo albums.

I was attending the evening with my best friend and our means of transportation was simply in my parents car, nothing flash as it would have been extremely unnecessary to spend large amounts for people to just see you get out a vehicle for seconds. I was good though seeing other peoples ways of transport, two guys rode in on a tandem bike which was incredibly funny to see, or there was the more glamours way like horse and cart or limo.

Upon entering all the girls were given a single rose, to this day I still have mine though of course it’s withered and brown but it was a nice little touch. The evening itself mainly consisted of speeches and awards for mainly the well known people who weren’t afraid to put theirselves out there, of course I was not one of these. Other then that it was diner with was a roast with chicken, desert a chocolate pudding.

The ending was dancing and this was the part that disappointed me cause I’d seen so many American based prom films and this was not it, jumping up and down raving music was not what I anticipated, with half the year doing that and the other half siting on a fence outside not being involved.


In all honesty it was nothing special but I’m glad I did attend for it being a milestone and an end of a chapter in my life.



My Latest Lush Haul

Soo~ I ended up going on a rather large shopping spree by myself and found myself in lush. I dunno if was a good or a bad thing that an old friend of mine works there because she’s recommend me so many products.

I wanted to try a whole load of new stuff, so to start I purchased my first lush face mask. She explained all the benefits of each mask and as I have been dealing with really dry skin she recommended one called ‘Oatifix’, for me I find it doesn’t really smell of oats.

The next item was bath bombs, I asked her of her favourites and brought her number one. It was one called ‘over and over’ and it smells like orange.


The third item was a bath bar, again her favourite, it was the comforter but bar style and it smells absolutely amazing.


From a previous visit I was shown bath jellies but didn’t get any, this time I did. One called Whoosh in blue and it really does feel like jelly which actually fascinates me, given it is a soap. You can use this multiple times and even cut it smaller so you get more uses, I was told it lasts about two weeks. The whoosh smells of lemon and lime, it also says rosemary but it’s dominated by the other two.

As I went to purchase these items I remembered I wanted to get my friend one for her birthday as she’d never used any lush products so I random picked one called twilight at the counter which actually seems suitable given we both loved twilight but because I hadn’t tried it I also got myself one. It’s this cute baby pink one with a star and moon design over it. It has a strong scent of lavender and its just beautiful.


If you commented on my last lush post with recommendations, don’t worry I’ll try and get them on my next shopping spree 😉 and if you didn’t, feel free to comment on this post, I highly recommend all these.



50 shades of hair

I love dying my hair, I started getting it done around the age of 12 years old. Ever since then I have done it pretty much every two months, though shorter if I’m doing colours. Honestly I’ve had so many different shades that I can’t even tell you how many, originally I started off with just doing a full head but once I began college I changed that and started doing dip dye, which is basically just colouring the ends and I did this first with red then blue. I went on to doing obere too, with having brown hair and changing between blonde and red ends. 17857570_1941381942747506_522162331_n I then went a full head of blue which was absolutely amazing, I did find out that colour does fade extremely quick, especially after washing my hair everyday. But this was by far one of my favourite colours especially with the fact I enjoy being different.  17858099_1941378196081214_1604507551_n.jpgAfter, I went full head of purple and that colour was so bright, I defiantly stood out from the crowd. This colour lasted longer as it was permanent though even in most cases when it says permanent, it really isn’t. The colour suited me really well in the summer time as I could match it was so many brightly coloured clothes even dark ones and have my hair pop. 17842012_1941378822747818_341867561_n.jpg I would also try out new styles such as half and half of blue and purple, that’s was fun, I felt like a unicorn or mermaid. I could do so many different styles with the hair colour, in a plait I felt it actually looked really cool. 17857336_1941383409414026_1298959619_n.jpgAfter all this colouring faded I went to a bright blonde after stripping it all out. I love having bright hair, although the majority of people like me dark. 17857362_1941378819414485_1288189329_n.jpgOf course I had my fair share of errors too like turning bright orange, black, even partiality green. They were scary times especially when you’re not to sure how to sort it out and most likely end up doing more damage. 17842385_1941379766081057_1660393880_n

My current hair I’m absolutely lovin, mainly because of the fringe. Its been years since I’ve had a fringe and maintaining it is very demanding, I’m having to use straighteners every morning, plus I have to get it cut pretty regularly. We’ll just have to see how long this’ll last, I’m hoping for a while though as I look pretty flat otherwise. 18049846_1946998485519185_168935021_o.jpg

If you’ve encountered any problems then feel free to leave them below. It could be a little story time 😀