September Lush Haul

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all doing well?

A couple of weekends ago I went shopping in London to explore a few shops on Oxford street, though only a few I actually brought anything in, Lush and primark were the main ones and if you wanna read my Primark haul then there you go.

I really wanted to go in Oxford’s street Lush for the purpose of its exclusives though when I got in there I was blown away by the scale of the shop and of course it was ram packed with customers.

Recently the Halloween and Christmas range has been released so I was on the hunt for them.

First item I picked up, was the ‘Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb‘, I picked up two of these as one is going to be for my sista’s b-day and of course I want to try one. This is one of the pricier bath bombs for £4.95 so I’m hoping it will be incredible. DSC00949.JPG

The next item to have caught my eye was an amazing glitter gold pumpkin with the simple name of ‘Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar‘, as soon as I picked it up my hands were covered in glitter so I knew I had to take it home and see what mess it shall make in the bath. This was one of the higher priced bars, being £4.25 but I hope it won’t let me down.


Next I came across the most adorable thing ever, and personally I don’t want to use it because it’s that cute and that is a tiny Snowman called ‘Snowman Bubbleroon‘ and it was £4.25 and he’s worth every penny in my opinion, I think I may even have to get another one just so I always have one to keep.  I was a little sad when I got home, his tiny carrot nose broke off 😦 . DSC00944

Right next to the snowman was another pumpkin though this one was shiny pink called ‘Pink Pumpkin bubble bar‘ for £4.25. I decided to get this one for my sista as she really wanted a Halloween one and this one seems girly enough for her. DSC00943

I then found myself in the shower gel section and was told many good things about ‘Snow Fairy Shower Gel‘ and was asked by my sista to grab her a bottle, so of course I brought two, unfortunately they don’t do the bottles any smaller then 250g so I was paying £8.50 each so hopefully it will last awhile though I doubt it as it smells incredible.

As I was going to pay I spotted an amazing pumpkin at the counter and I knew I couldn’t leave him behind, I thought I’d already spent so much so an extra £4.25 wouldn’t be any harm especially for his adorable face, the ‘Pumpkin bath bomb‘ had to come home with me.  DSC00946

That is all my purchases for Lush and I know for certain I will be going back to get the rest and no doubt repurchasing.

If you’ve tried any of these then let me know your favourite, better still if you have any recommendations let me know, I’m always on the look out to try new things.



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September Primark Haul

Hey Guys!

I’m coming at ya with another haul, that being a Primark one.

So a couple weekends ago I took a little adventure to London with Richard as I’ve had the erg to explore a few shops on Oxford street.

Starting off at Primark I was amazed at how big it was, it consisted of three floors, a coffee shop, seating areas and a Harry Potter room.

The store was packed and I had no idea where to start, so having walked around the whole first floor I made my way downstairs to the home wear, picking up my first few items.

First is the unicorn room spray for £3 and yes I brought two, one being for my sista. Next was a room reed diffuser for £3 and again I got two.

A random and early but very me item is two packs of unicorn Christmas tree decorations for £4 each, I can’t wait to officially get started with Christmas shopping.

I then moved onto accessories, picking up two packs of earrings, one pack of 20 for £3 and the other a 9 pack for £2. My idea is to mix and match them for a more unique look.

I’ve been on the hunt for boots though unfortunately they didn’t have any black so I’ll make these work for the amazing £14 they were. They have a very Autumn/ winter feel to them so I thought I could layer myself up with a big woolly jumper and some ripped knee jeans, creating a very cosy yet simple look.  DSC00957

Moving on up I found a sale section where I picked up two of these pink tops with a heart embroidered into the boob for £3 instead of £6. It’s one of those real easy tops to just throw on with leggings and ta da, you’re dressed. DSC00952

I then got a few more bits for my sista’s b-day, including a Beauty and the beast tee with Mrs Pots embroidered for £6. I know my sista’s gunna love it, especially as its one of those tops you can end up using as pjs.

Of course I had to get this unicorn T-shirt for an amazing £2.50,  anything unicorn just seems to end up in my basket. DSC00955

I spotted this on my way to pay, an awesome Mean Girls tee ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’ for only £6, I was so tempted to get myself one but knew I wouldn’t get much wear out of it. Just another gift for my sista as I heard her going on about this, so she’ll be over the moon. DSC00956

That’s my Primark haul, I was on the hunt for certain things such as the china Mrs pots and a chip pillow but they were impossible to find 😦



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elf Make up

A few weeks back I went to my local drugstore ‘Superdrugs’, I knew they were expecting to have it available soon but I didn’t realise how soon. I was just casually shopping then spotted the elf stand in the corner of my eye. Superdrugs have replaced their Miss Sporty range for elf, so I’m hopping it’ll be pretty good. In total I brought five items, primer, foundation, powder, eyeliner and mascara. I’ve heard a few things about elf from watching a variety of different YouTubers. They’re all affordable products though some are slightly pricer then other products within the store.

So to start, the packaging is pretty cute, with a clean simple look. I couldn’t wait to try them so I had to after a session at the gym. DSC00285.JPG

Beginning with the primer mist, it says you can use it before or after applying the make up. In all honesty I thought I was getting rained on, it was just so wet. I even tried it after my full face and it made it very hard to open my eyes as it made all the mascara stick the lashes together. It does make your face feel hydrated and smooth which makes it nice and easy for when applying foundation. DSC00280

The foundation gave really good coverage and didn’t feel like I was wearing anything, I’d say it’s a medium coverage, not cakey but covers everything but then again I’m having a fairly good skin stage.DSC00282

The powder is really good, slight chalky feel but it mattifys everything and I really like how its white, compared to a colour.DSC00279

A real let down was the eyeliner, it’s a waterproof black eyeliner pen. Honestly it was just not an easy product to use, it was dry and didn’t flow out smoothly. It gave a nice flick when it actually came out. I can say I most likely won’t use this again.


I had a variety of mascaras to pick from so I chose the most interesting, I chose the 3-in-1 mascara in the shade very black. I has an interesting shaped bristle with a small ball at the end, you think it’d make it easier for doing the corner lashes but because it’s too big its easy to make a mess.DSC00281

And here’s the finished result…

Hope you enjoyed reading my review 🙂



Drugstore Haul

So I’ve recently made a few purchases, seven items in total with one free gift (always love the free part), three of the items I’ve wanted a few months back when I spotted them but they were always out of stock or only had one, so I didn’t think it’d be worth the order.

First item is the makeup revolution skin kisses highlighter in the shade ‘ice kiss’, it’s this amazing pearly gold shade with a pretty large mirror and the packaging is gorgeous, so it’s defiantly worth the money.

The next item was this eye shadow pallet by makeup revolution called ‘unicorns are real’ with 12 shades in total, ranging from dark metallic blues and purples to pearly white shades. The pigmentation is incredible with a little bit going a long way, this palette defiantly won’t disappoint for the price you’re paying.DSC00326

The third item is this absolutely amazing highlighter (mainly because it’s unicorn related) done by the brand I ❤️ makeup, which is a sister brand to makeup revolution. It’s called the ‘unicorn heart’ and I’ve heard so many things about this highlighter which one of this reasons it took so long for me to get hold of it, as it was sold out constantly. It consists of the five colours of the rainbow with of course a shimmer effect. The packaging is so cute in this little heart shaped box, really making it a unicorns heart. This is the first rainbow highlighter I’ve owned and I have really high hopes for it.

The next item was purchased mainly because I’ve heard so many things on YouTube about it and I felt like I was missing out but I could never bring myself to buy it full price and luckily it was on sale and they only had my shade, so it was kinda fate. It’s collections lasting perfection concealer in the shade ‘fair’. I tend to buy concealer in the brightest shade as I mainly only use it for under my eyes to cover up my bags from all my late nights.


To receive the free gift in this purchase I needed to by one more item and so that was the makeup revolution colour chaos eye shadow palette. It has 18 shades in very bright colours of green, yellow and more.


The free gift is again another makeup revolution eye shadow pallet, one of their newest pieces called ‘revoholic eyes’ they have a variety of shimmer and matte, light and dark shades and I’m pretty excited to try this out.


Last but no mean least is MUA luxe lip lacquers, I didn’t need to purchase these but because they were on sale I couldn’t help myself, along with the fact my shop doesn’t stock either of these shades. The main one I wanted is this blue in the shade ‘blue ice’ and the other is a white shade you put on before to intensify the colour, I’d never seen this product before and I hoping it will work with other lip products from different brands too.

so that’s my haul and I hope you enjoyed



My Latest Lush Haul

Soo~ I ended up going on a rather large shopping spree by myself and found myself in lush. I dunno if was a good or a bad thing that an old friend of mine works there because she’s recommend me so many products.

I wanted to try a whole load of new stuff, so to start I purchased my first lush face mask. She explained all the benefits of each mask and as I have been dealing with really dry skin she recommended one called ‘Oatifix’, for me I find it doesn’t really smell of oats.

The next item was bath bombs, I asked her of her favourites and brought her number one. It was one called ‘over and over’ and it smells like orange.


The third item was a bath bar, again her favourite, it was the comforter but bar style and it smells absolutely amazing.


From a previous visit I was shown bath jellies but didn’t get any, this time I did. One called Whoosh in blue and it really does feel like jelly which actually fascinates me, given it is a soap. You can use this multiple times and even cut it smaller so you get more uses, I was told it lasts about two weeks. The whoosh smells of lemon and lime, it also says rosemary but it’s dominated by the other two.

As I went to purchase these items I remembered I wanted to get my friend one for her birthday as she’d never used any lush products so I random picked one called twilight at the counter which actually seems suitable given we both loved twilight but because I hadn’t tried it I also got myself one. It’s this cute baby pink one with a star and moon design over it. It has a strong scent of lavender and its just beautiful.


If you commented on my last lush post with recommendations, don’t worry I’ll try and get them on my next shopping spree 😉 and if you didn’t, feel free to comment on this post, I highly recommend all these.



Boohoo haul

I’ve recently received a Boohoo order and I’m excited to wear these. So first item I purchased was this cold shoulder dress with the criss cross chest.

I’m not much of a dress person but I wanted to change up my look a little, and I’m lovin the criss cross and cold shoulder but having it combined will look pretty awesome. I got it in this dark orange shade, believed to be called cinnamon, not my usual colour but again, just changing it up. The next item was something completely new and something I wanna try in the hopes it’ll actually Suit me, is a faddora hat in black. It was the same hat the model wore with the dress so it’s clearly a combo, it’s just a matter if it’ll look that good on me, In all honesty I’m not really feeling it.

The second item I purchased was a t-shirt tee in black with the words ‘I ain’t sorry’ in block print.

I ain't sorry tee


It’s in the same style as a previous tee I purchased from boohoo, my ‘curves are in’ which I absolutely love. The last item was completely random and didn’t really need it but because I’m such a happy spender I brought it. It was a long blue floral skirt, I feel it’ll probably work with a body con or a tucked in vest top. I’m not really a skirt or dress wearer, mainly because I don’t find them comfortable in the hot weather with my inner thighs getting sweaty and chafty, that’s a struggle I find with being plus size.

I might as well add a few more things to this haul post as I was originally gunna do this for another order but never got round to it. So first is a black midi skirt with a layer of frill around the top, this is the first skirt I’ve ever brought in this style, but upon arrival I already know I’ll need to take it up from the bottom a little bit.

Paired with this is a pink bodysuit with the added detail of the cutout sections. I also tried it on with this latest purchase from Primark, which was also trying out something new.

I got slightly carried away with the sale and purchased another bodysuit.

This is a high neck with gold sequin detailing. The fit was amazing and not tight at all, making sure the booty isn’t squashed. I hate having such tight bodysuits that you’ll need to sneakily pull out that wedgie.

So that is all from this Boohoo haul, I’ve got a few more hauls lined up so feel free to follow me 🙂 .