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Hey beauties 

Hope you’re all doing well. 

I just wanted to give you a little update on my anxiety. I’ve been doing a lot better recently but that would be because I’ve been put on an antidepressants. Before being put on them, I hit a pretty low point. The anxiety got so bad I didn’t want to leave the house and the only time I did was for work. Since having been on them, I feel as through I’m doing really well. I had my first car ride over 10 minutes which was a really proud moment, I also attended a concert and I did really well again. I had to stand in a queue for around 40 minutes and I had no problems. 

I told Richard (my boyfriend) I want to go on holiday. This to me is a pretty big deal. I absolutely love traveling but the previous experience I had on holiday with this anxiety was not the best. I finally feel comfortable enough to go away, although I have a few requirements for it. 

I started CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and I enjoy doing it, so hopefully it’ll help. From signing up to participate, I needed to tell my manager the whole story (he didn’t know I was going through this) as it would be during work hours, fortunately he was very considerate as he too was undergoing CBT though not for the same reasons. 

Everyone knows of my anxiety now as the day I was put on antidepressants, I was going through some problems with friends, which all got sorted out but it put me in a very emotional place and so I wrote my whole story on Facebook for all to see. The response I had was great, people continually messaged saying they were going through a similar thing. I think is was nice for them to know they weren’t alone (as bad as it is).

I believe that’s all for now regarding my anxiety update.



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