Date ideas

We have a point in our lives where we find it a struggle to think of where to go on a date, Well I can give you a few date ideas but honestly it depends what type of people you are. Personally I like to do a variety of different things but there’s a variety of factors that are needed to take in to account such as weather and expenses.18360672_1955681524650881_2123712757_n.jpg

Typically for dates we enjoy going to different locations and trying there foods and exploring towns and beaches and seeing what activities they have to offer. I also really enjoy taking photos whenever we go out to save those special memories and can possible make a really nice gift or ideas towards a gift.


A few months back we went to a different location every weekend and explored them. First was Portsmouth, I’d been there a few years ago but my partner hadn’t so that was something different, we explored the boats on show like the HMS Victory.


The weekend after was Hastings, we’d had both been there previously but not together. We went on the cliff lift and took a long walk all around the top,trying to find an old mine, which turned out to be cornered off, it was so windy we thought we were gonna fly away.19512002_1980348375517529_150000126_n

Along the sea front we also played some crazy golf, that was hilarious with the wind, I had no chance of wining. For dinner we went to a little chip shop which had a feel for the old town inside with the antique chairs and tables.19239396_1980348392184194_2113966442_n.jpg

A few weeks later we went to Bournemouth to a kitty cafe, I was so excited about that. I have cats already but going to a place that shouldn’t have them seems so much more fun, along with it being something different for the two of us.17911026_1943287395890294_936583775_n

Well here’s some ideas:

  • long walks
  • meals out
  • explore new locations
  • find an activity together like dancing
  • cinema/ theatre
  • museums
  • zoo
  • concert
  • waterparks

That’s just a few ideas which are either free of fairly cheap. I’ll later be doing another post on free or extremely cheap date ideas in depth.




Parents meeting

On the 16th of May would have been the first time of my boyfriends and my parents meeting after having been together for almost 11 months. This can make people really nervous and I can see why, having your parents seeing their producers to for see the possible out come of your partner.

Parents meeting Before:

On my birthday I’ve arrange a meal which will be the first time my parents and boyfriends parents will meet. I’m a little nervous for the out come as they are such different types of people. I on one hand have four parents, when we all thought twos enough, as a result of my parents divorce and re-married.

I’m just glad my birth parents are outgoing enough to be the ones to start conversations, plus my dad can talk for Britain and to absolutely anyone, which can actually be really embarrassing but I love him for it.

Parents meeting After:

On the night itself my dad was unable to attend as a family matter occurred, so my mum and step dad were the only ones to have met my boyfriends parents. I was very happy with the outcome, they hit it off well with having quite a few things in common. A few topics that were spoken about were their similar music interests and how our family trees are so confusing, It then lead to if we ever want to tie the knot, my boyfriend and I both turned to one another with a face of shock hahaha, a little soon to be talking about that for us right now, lucky it wasn’t my mum suggesting it but his. That night I had the most amount of conversations with his parents, his mum particular then I’d really had over the past few weeks, mainly because we’d found so many more topics of discussion with our similar interests.

Well that was a little insight of my parents meeting, if you have a story related to this feel free to comment below, I’ve heard my fair share of difficult meetings.

until next time.




My first kiss went a little like this.

You might think that sounds familiar and that’s because it probably is, especially if you were into pop music back around 2010, Anyway a little off topic.
So the story of my first kiss.
To begin it was my first date with a guy I’d been friends with for over three years, he was my closest male friend through secondary school and this was our first time meeting up in over a year and a half because of going to separate colleges.
We went out for dinner at my local restaurant and he ended up offering to pay the bill, after we went for a walk around the restaurants flower gardens and ended up reminiscing our friendship through school.
We followed a path to a secluded area and it then lead to him turning so we were face to face and him asking me ‘how would you feel if I did this?’ Then he lent in and kissed me. It was cute how he did it but you could tell afterwards that he wasn’t actually looking to get into a relationship, he was then telling me how he was still not completely over his ex. This of course bothered me, with the fact of why actually bother leading me on to then end up telling me that.
The kiss itself was partially expected from how we’d be speaking so much. It was done at the right moment, with the perfect setting, no one there other then him and me. I’d never really thought what it’d be like to kiss someone, not just a little peck but a proper kiss with partial tongues. I was also given some pointers but honestly he didn’t really have any experience himself, so it was basically to his satisfaction.
If you’ve got the story of how you’re first kiss went, feel free to comment below, It’d be cool to hear from you.


Online Dating

For me I’ve felt there’s always be a stigma to online dating so if the occasion arouse when talking to friends I’d get embarrassed and play it off as though I didn’t. But for my situation I didn’t class it as online dating as I never went out to look for it or played it out as a relationship.

This sounds strange doesn’t it…? Well let me continue.


Nearly three years ago is when it all began, I met him online, a guy from Australia, when I was in a very low part of my life, thinking no one cared and perhaps they would be better off without me.

On the 24th may 2014 is when I met him online whilst playing my all time favourite game ‘GTA’. I always had a fear of people online as you can never trust they are who they say they are, I found that out the hard way, but let’s not get into that right now.

On that day he sent a photo of himself as I told him my doubt but I did not send him one. We went weeks on end talking, sometimes 9 hours plus a day, it wasn’t until October of that year he first saw me (5 months later). I didn’t send him a photo, instead I used a live camera. He was of course shocked because after talking for so long you build up an image but I was nothing like he pictured.

By this point it didn’t matter about looks as we truly understood one another and liked each other for our personalities. We felt so comfortable with one another as we were in the same situation, felt like we had no one, both our parents were divorced, didn’t have a job and so we enjoyed talking so much, making the best out our time with laughter and smiles.

By the time I started a new course and went back to college, I had no interest in making new friends, I was happy with just him and my original ones. A few months later we took our talking from our console to our computers using Skype. By this point I knew absolutely everything about him, last name, address, family members, history, just everything. But him on the other hand only knew my first name, some family members, and that I live somewhere in England, and he was alright with this.

I was too scared to tell my own family members of him as I was scared of their judgment, so for the first month of speaking to him I told family but they continued to ask me things about him so in the end I told them I stopped talking to him. So in the end they forgot of him, though I continued to tell my little sister everything as she didn’t really have a judgment on the situation.

As the second year past it began to get more serious with actually wanting to make plans and meet each other there was also some missed communication and as I began to get bored of his mixed signals and his no show of true dedication. I actually wanted more in life and to live life in the now, as I pretty much spent two years of my life inside.


In June 2016 I thought I’d give the dating app ‘tinder’ a go. I did get quite a few matches though every guy was the same, with a simple ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’, nothing different or out the ordinary. You could just tell these guys didn’t read the bio that I went to great effort to make.

That was until one guy messaged and clearly had read the bio as his introduction drew me in. The conversations continued and then went on to ‘Snapchat’ to prove with photos. It wasn’t till the day before that after I told my mum of him, she went on to stalk him only to find he has a girlfriend. It was then I called him out and he went on to explain polyamory, which is basically multiple relationships with the consent of all involved.

So I thought this may work out given I have the guy from Australia but also this new guy, especially when his girl is in America. To conclude; the American ended things between them as this wasn’t the outcome she planned for and the Australian didn’t accept it, so it’s me and the tinder guy, of course it was never as simple as that.

Turns out you can find love on tinder as funny as it sounds.