Fulfilling Fantasies

Everyone has a fantasy for how they want to get fucked, even if they say they don’t, they do, it’s probably an extreme one.

I haven’t really thought about mine, though I probably wouldn’t mind something along the lines of fifty shades of grey, or even just doing it in different locals when its high risk of getting caught, Maybe even just getting dressed up in pretty lingerie and teasing him.

I felt naughty in trying to fulfilling my boyfriends fantasy late last year, though it was extremely difficult and still hasn’t been achieved, though after thinking about it, it’s probably not the best idea as it could lead to many complications.

You wanna know what it was?

A threesome, particularly with another girl.

Not for the pleasure of me trying it on with a girl but for his excitement to see his girl getting it on with another. In all honesty I didn’t mind wanting to try it, it would have been an experience and I’ve never been 100% sure on my sexuality, though I know I’m definitely into guys, I’m probably slightly bi.

Fulfilling fantasies may not even be possible, not 100% sure if this is true but a few weeks ago I watched a movie of a couples fantasies, and the women wanted to get rapped by her husband, but of course with her consent after telling him. Long story short, he attempted to be a robber and resulted in him getting a broken nose and sprained ankle and her knocked out unconscious, he then lied and said he did rape her to make her happy.

Porn is also a large part of some guys fantasies, them wanting sex in the scenes to be like that, when in reality of course its not. Its created to look good with all their camera skills and filters.

Well that’s a little something on fantasies :p




First Time Fears

Everyone has some sort of fear or doubt how the first time would be. Of course I had my fair share of fears before hand, after hearing others stories of their first time; them saying about the pain they felt and feeling uncomfortable. The night it happened was very unexpected but it felt right.

I knew he was carrying protection so I asked if we could try it, we then got comfortablearticle-2108810-0F83FEDD00000578-242_468x286 and so it happened. It was a bearable pain, which felt like very tight pinching.

There was a slight mess made from bleeding but that was to be expected from that type of pain.

Honestly I heard many mixed things about having sex for the first time, one being you think you’re gonna feel different but the truth is you don’t. You can feel a connection to your partner for having been so vulnerable from being bare skin naked but other then that there is no difference.

The next few times were slightly painful but not as bad as the first. It starts to feel good and enjoyable after a while, then you can slowly progress into doing a variety of different positions.

If you wanna share the story of your first time feel free, even if you had an embarrassing experience.




Well let’s dive into a fairly 6b8694df80b828c82e5d442844cf9680new topic to me, lingerie. Since becoming sexually active I’ve wanted to explore a variety of areas, one being lingerie. I purchase all my sexual items off the site ‘LoveHoney’, being that was where I had one of my first items brought for me, along with it being a site I knew of before. I brought my first piece of lingerie in November which was a red baby doll along with a matching thong. When it arrived I instantly tried it on. My first thoughts were very impressed, the way it covers all my disliked curves but also intensifies my boobs and holds them well. First time wearing it for it’s purpose my boyfriend was very surprised and excited for what I had in store for the evening.

It’s one size, fitting size 18-24 UK, brought in the sale for £8.49 instead of £18.99. The red matching thong is a size L/XL which is a UK size 16-18, it was brought for £2.50 in the sale rather then £6.99.


My most recent piece of lingerie is a black corset with suspenders and stockings. I got it in a size 1x/ 2x which fits an 18-20 UK, I purchased it when it was on sale for £20 instead of £29.99.


The lace detailing is so pretty, the only down side to this though is because the cups are slightly padded they are too small, so of course I have some spillage.

I would like to possibly have a variety of different pieces through out the years since my first one made me feel sexy and felt good. I probably wont go so extreme anytime soon with things such as body stockings and rope but you never know what the future will hold.