Croatia|| October 2017

Hey Beauties!

Hope you’re all doing amazing!

As some of you may know, I went to Croatia in October for just four days as a birthday treat for my partner Richard. This holiday I was prepared and had an actually digital camera so I could capture the moment in all its glory. I’ll be giving you a play by play of each day so you can know every significant detail of my trip.


Our flight was around 7.30am so this ment a 3am wake up to get ready and have food at the airport which we ended having Nando’s, which I yet to even have before and I didn’t even know breakfast was a thing. The flight was nice and easy but because I left with a cold, being in the air was horrible as it made my ears pop and a headache. I listened to my ipod in attempt to drain out the pain along with writing a few blog post ideas in my notes section on my phone, I’d made a post about my  plane carry on if you wanna get a few ideas, especially if you’ve never flown before.

Day One~

Once we arrived in Croatia and took our booked transport to the hotel, we then dumped our luggage off and headed off exploring outside our hotel which we then discovered we had an incredible beach. After a look around we then went back to our room and got into our swimwear. We had a very unfortunate moment which lead us both to getting injured, starting with Richard climbing in a rocky part of the sea and slipping, leaving him with both his thumbs cut, me coming to save him and slicing my foot open. Later on in the day we were approached by a man who was selling excursions, so we booked ourselves on a trip to all three islands on the Thursday. The Food was pretty bog standard, nothing different to what I could get back at home. In the evening we wanted to get a few drinks for our room so we set off to find a shop and I soon found some sweets I’d been on the hunt for months (peach Haribo’s)


Day Two~

We started the day by going for a walk around our hotel and seeing some incredible views. Before we even got to Croatia Richard knew he wanted to see the start of the river where an old mill stands, so we travelled there and our taxi driver was kind enough to show us around the area which we then gave him a tip for having gone that extra mile.

After exploring the beautiful mill we caught a bus to the old town, where a lot of the ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes were filmed. The town had an amazing sweet shop called ‘Captain Candy’ which we spent a lot of money in without realising. Later on in the day we were offered a glass bottom boat ride around the town, we saw an abandon hotel which was awesome. We discovered an aquarium so I was hoping to see a turtle and a shark as they’re my favourite, Turned out to only have a turtle which was sitting at the bottom of the tank but we did see some cute seahorses. As our trip was all inclusive we didn’t need to eat out but because we got peckish and found a restaurant that has one of my favourite foods, Calamari and not just as a starter but a MAIN.


Day Three~

The day of our excursion to the three islands, we had to be at the beach at 8.30am. There was around eight of us but we then had to travel round to the old town to pick up more passengers.DSC01233

Island one~

We first travelled to Kolocep where we spent 20 minutes and it had a small sandy beach and Richard took a little dip and I collected some sand in a bottle, Yes I collect sand from every country I go to. We then changed onto a larger boat where we were then given our meal, a side of salad which I wasn’t keen on, I had chicken and Richard had fish. DSC01229

Island two~

Sipan, where we had slightly longer of 45 minutes and I got my first postcard which I then knew I should have got one on the first island as I also collect postcards. This had a beach but it was all stony and Richard of course had to take another dip. On this island we saw some small tube like fish that we hadn’t seen before.DSC01244

Island Three~

Lopud, The island we had the longest amount of time at of 1 hour 30. I again got another postcard and we also got a really tasty ice cream, I got a cookies and cream one, I was so tempted to get another. We had a look around the souvenir shops but they had nothing special. Again Richard had another swim and this time so did I but I injured myself in doing so, Lets just say the steps were really slippy when getting in. Since we had a lot more time on this island we explored a little and discovered a woodland area which had an unusual altar table. We then headed back to the hotel beach with enough time to have a swim there then head to get dinner.


Day Four~

Heading home, this was really easy, catching the taxi to the airport and arriving with plenty of time to get a bite to eat and a browse in duty free. We arrived just gone 4.30pm and caught the bus back to Richards house and ordered my favourite takeaway, korma.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I have to say this wasn’t much of a relaxing holiday as it was a lot of stuff crammed into three days but I do recommend going there if you ever get the chance, I feel its more of a one time trip as we did do all there was for that area.



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My Travel Bucket list

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all doing amazing?

I wanted to create a Travel Bucketlist, I’d come across quite a few of these online and so I created this one. It’s things that interest me and I’d want to do multiple times in a variety of countries.

I hope this inspires you, I’d also love to hear the things on your list to give me some more inspiration.

  • Swim with dolphins. This is something I would absolutely love to do, especially after having photos with some in Tenerife, I did have the opportunity back then but we run out of money.


  • Bungee jump. I seem to have a fear of heights but I would love to have the experience, I wanna feel the adrenaline rush.


  • Learn to surf. This would mean I’d actually need to have the ability to balance, so good luck to my teacher.


  • Go hot air ballooning. This would actually be incredible to see all the different views.


  • Volunteer. I’d actually done a fair bit of research into this sort of thing for Australia as my uncle done it out there, so he showed me all the places to look.


  • Rock climbing.


  • cliff diving, I’ll probably have a panic attack from the height.


  • Spend Christmas on a beach, a very common thing to do in places like Australia.


  • Sleep under the stars, such a simple and fun thing to do for free.


  • Spend the night in a haunted location, I love all things paranormal until I feel like its happening around me but I’d still like to experience being in an actual known haunted location.


  • Sleep in an igloo, seeing those igloos that are plastered all over the internet would be amazing to do.


  • Ride an elephant, People tell me how incredible their experience was so I’d love to live it myself.


  • See a concert, I have been told how different it is in another country and music is my life so this is something I have to do.


  • Climb a mountain, this would be such an achievement, especially when people thought I couldn’t do a previous weekend walking expedition but I did and I loved the feeling of proving everyone wrong.


  • Shoot a gun.


  • Bathe in a hot spring, this would be awesome knowing the heat is created naturally.


  • See the northern lights, this has been something I’ve wanted to do since such a young age.


  • Take public transport, of course not a hard task but some places can have really confusing transport systems.


  • Eat traditional food, I’m not much of a person for trying new food but having food that’s originally from that country may taste far better.


  • Be caged in around sharks. Sharks are one of my favourite animals, to the point I wanted to do marine biology.


  • Learn a language, I would really like to hold a conversation in a different language.


I hope you enjoyed, Let me know if you’ve done any of these things and what you thought.




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Plane Carry On

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all doing good and having a great week.

As some of you may know I’ve recently gone on holiday and so I put together a few posts involving traveling.

To start, I travel enough to know the basic essentials but for plane its just a few extra’s.

Here I’ve made a list of my travel essentials~

  • Passport and tickets- These are a must, you won’t be going anywhere without these.


  • Money/ debit/ credit card – you may wanna buy something on the plane and these tend to only accept card. I like to do a hint of shopping at the airport with those bargains they have in duty free, even so I would never put money in my suitcase.


  • Phone- Although you won’t have internet, I enjoy playing games or typing up ideas while I travel, its just something to pass the time.


  • Battery pack- My phone seems to have a short lasting battery and so a spare is needed, you are also required to have charge on all your gadgets if you are travelling to places such as the state.


  • Ipod- music is such a good thing to past the time, it also helps draw out all the noise.


  • A book- this may be more your thing, getting lost in another world, it helps past the time especially when there’s limited things to do .


  • Comfy clothes- being comfy while traveling is always a plus side, I know my go to item will always be leggings and a slouchy hoodie.


  • Empty water bottle- I tend to have a drink on me the majority of the time I travel but you can’t have liquids through security so just fill it up from the tap once your through, it helps save money instead of paying those airport prices.


  • Travel pillow- a new purchase but I know it’ll come in handy.


Thanks for reading guys, let me know your carry on essentials or any tips you have for them, I would love to make this part of the travel so much easier.



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Simple Holiday Makeup

Hey Guy!

Hope you’re doing well?

Going on holiday you wanna look good but don’t want to take a whole lot of products, I also don’t want to be wearing so much it sweats off or when I go swimming, get panda eyes.

I’ve put together a simple make up look that requires minimal products and can be glamed up for an evening look with a few other products.


Starting off with a primer, I use my usual ‘Elf Aqua Mist‘.

Taking my Collection ‘lasting perfection concealer‘ in the shade ‘ Fair 1’ I cover all my redness and any blemishes, I just use this and no foundation.

Then onto brows, I use makeup Revolutions ‘Focus & Fix‘ eyebrow shaping kit in the shade ‘medium dark’.

Using a nifty trio by Makeup Revolution the ‘Ultra sculpt & contour kit‘ in the shade ‘Ultra fair C01’ it includes contour, bush and highlight, I take the contour to bronze my face up. Then using the blush and highlight to give some colour.

Last to add some mascara, the L’Oreal ‘Miss Baby Roll‘ in the shade black. This is one of the best drugstore mascara’s I’ve owned.

So this is the outcome, a very natural and subtle look that works with every outfit and won’t look terrible if it gets wet.   DSC00875

To make it more glamours for the evening I simply add my Soap & Glory ‘Supercat eyeliner‘ and some colour to the lips which shall change depending on the outfit.


I hope you found this useful, one being I’ve linked all the products and proven you don’t need to carry your whole makeup collection in order to look good on holiday.



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Beach Essentials

Hey Guys!

I hope you’re all doing well. So I’ve been coming up with some posts to write about in connection to holidays as I have recently booked one with my boyfriend for October as his birthday treat.

I’m super excited as recently reality has become a little too much lately and so a break from it is so needed.

Without further a do, I have put together this post on beach essentials for my latest holiday series.

Going to the beach on holiday is one of the best things and so some essentials to make it a memorable and relaxed time include these 9 items-

  • Towel, whether the beach is sandy or stoney, it’s good to have something to lay on but also to dry off with.


  • Swim suit, Of course a swim is needed to cool down but if that’s not your thing, getting a tan might be. I know I plan of doing both.


  • Sunscreen, it’s extremely important to wear protection against the sun, you don’t want to get burnt, especially on the first day.


  • Flip flops, Making it easier to have a quick dip and dry off without the hassle of socks and trainers. I hate having wet sand stuck to my feet then trying to put on sock…. Yuck!


  • Sunnies, To protect your eyes but also take those suitable Instagram shots 😉 I will be sure to take many.


  • Book/ and Ipod, the simple pleasure of reading a good book or remembering the moment by music. Certain songs I like all leave little reminders to holidays I’ve previously had.


  • Hat, not a regular accessory I use but is good to have available. I might even try using one on this adventure.


  • Camera, Capturing the moment is something I enjoy doing, I like having something to look back on.


  • Beach bag, so many pretty designs are available, so not only is it a good looking accessory but a means of transporting all the essentials. I’m pretty sure I’ll being doing a holiday shopping trip beforehand to purchase a new one.


Enjoy your beach adventure 🙂 I know I will be.

Let me know if you’re planning to go away or have been recently in the comments below. I’d love to get some more location ideas.



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Tenerife trip

On the 31st of October 2016 I took my first trip abroad since 2004, it was also my first holiday away with my boyfriend. It was a week long trip and was absolutely amazing. The majority of the days were spent swimming in our hotel pool with afternoons exploring the beach and market stalls. The beach was covered in such soft sand with market traders trying to sell their cheap tat such as sunglasses and patterned sheets. when we walked along the shore we’d encounter quite a few crabs that were pretty big but because they would hide behind the rocks we could never get a good photo.

Here’s a few pics from over a few days on the beach.


One beach we visited

As our hotel was all inclusive, every night we’d get dressed up and the food was a buffet was a variety of different foods from around the world, pudding was the best part as they had a chocolate fountain with so many different things you could dunk in, yum. The Bar was also included with a maximum of three alcoholic drinks per person per day, so we’d usually spend our evenings trying out new drinks. Then one evening when we returned to our hotel we found a little lizard which actually made us jump.18009136_1947051915513842_1255064314_n

I loved getting glamed up.

Two days that stood out as different was: one morning getting a tour of the islands volcanic crater. It was incredible seeing the lava flow, and the immediate temperature change in the atmosphere was so strange going from extreme heat to chilly wind.


The second day which was also out last was at Aqualand, known for the best dolphin show in the world. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a water park with some amazing slides. Our particular favourite was the rubber ring flumes, they were so fast and pretty scary. As soon as we walked in the park, we were handed a few different types of birds and got photographed with them, which was unexpected.

I was incredibly lucky to have a photo with a dolphin, they are not how I’d expect them to feel. I could have had the opportunity to swim with them but as it was our last day we barely had any money left. The show itself left me speechless, it was phenomenal. Seeing a Dolphin show for myself was something I’d never intended to see but I’m so glad I did.

I would defiantly love to go on more holidays aboard. If you’ve been somewhere that was absolutely amazing then comment below, I’d love to check them out.

Kitty Cafe Adventure

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Bournemouth where we’d booked a table at the ‘Pause Cat Cafe’ about a month in advance. Honestly I didn’t really know what to expect but I was quite excited for what it had in store.

Upon arrival we were given a run though of the cafes rules, nothing outrageous, just basic things involving the cats. We were then lead to our table and offered drinks. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be packed but every table was full, with more customers coming in hoping for a table but turned away from the large waiting list. 17911026_1943287395890294_936583775_n.jpg

There were cat toys everywhere with unusual ones too, like a large hamster wheel and a bridge across the ceiling. The cats then started roaming with some jumping up at tables trying to see what food they could swipe.

After a while I went over to different areas of the cafe to see the variety of personalities these kitties held, using toys and stroking their bellies. It wasn’t long till one jumped up to the bridge to then come back down landing on the piano below pressing a variety of keys.

The food looked interesting as it was all vegan based, served in cute boxes where the lid was used as a plate. I wasn’t hungry but my boyfriend tried the food and found it pretty tasty as far as I could tell from the empty plate. The drinks menu had some really creative names like ‘PINA-CAT-LADA’ and ‘ESPURR-SO’. The staff there were very polite and helpful, giving information about each cat. I only booked an hour because in the end it is only a cafe with some cats, it was just some thing different that I wanted to experience.

In total there were seven cats: Bear, Clifford, Liquorice, Aunty Anne, Petrus, Pumpkin and Max. 17918327_1943259652559735_257746484_n.jpg

If you’ve been to this cafe or even a different one feel free to send me some pics.

The kitties are so cute.

I’d love to go to another cat cafe, I was even debating about going to Edinburgh’s cat cafe.


Following My Dreams


My first tattoo on May 14th 2016

In May 2019 I plan to follow my dreams for an adventure I’ve wanted to make since I was six years old to travel to Australia. There are so many things I plan to do whilst I’m out there including swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, walking over the Sydney Harbour bridge, visit Uluru and of course quite a lot more things. I’m also considering getting a working Visa to do some sort of farming like strawberry picking as so many people have suggested doing it as it’s an incredible experience. I fell in love with Australia when I travelled there to visit my now step mum and new born sister at the age of six. I’ve been saving since I left college in June 2016 though through out that time the savings got used so I restarted in December 2016 when I started full time work, so I’m now able to save more. I’m currently in search of a traveling buddy but since it’s pretty far away it’s challenging, which is a down side as I try to be as organised as possible.


My first trip to Australia at age six

This will be an adventure of a lifetime as I plan to go for at least a month which may not seem long compared to other people but when I find it scary enough getting the bus in my own town, who knows what it’d be like on my own in another country. I also plan on making some big changes after this trip, like moving out my family home.


Love Knows no borders


I just wanna quickly share the meaning behind my tattoo ‘Love knows no borders’. I got it in representation of my dream to travel to Australia. It symbolises that there is no border for what you can love and there is no border between love, whether it be a person in another country the physical border can not stop it and whether it should happen or not, love will win. If it’s destine to happen it will happen.

Feel free to comment about any adventures you’re going on and/or if you have any suggestions on what I should do when I’m out there.