Copenhagen|| February 2018

Hey beauties,

Hope you’re all doing well.

I thought it was about time I posted this trip.

So some of you may have seen if you you follow me on Instagram that I took a weekend trip away to Copenhagen in Denmark, so this post will be giving you the play by play of my trip.


Day one-

Richard and I woke up at a 7am so we could of course get our traditional McDonald’s holiday breakfast. We planed to get to the airport for 10.30am so we’d have plenty of time to check our bags in and get through security. Our flight wasn’t until 1pm and we had a good hour and a half wait by the time we sorted all that out. Hopping on the plane, it was much smaller then previous planes we’d rode together and Richard actually struggled to fit (I was pretty fortunate being a shorty). The plane had the odd spare seat which I was then lucky enough to have next to me eventually. It was around and hour and a half trip which went smoothly.

Once arriving in Copenhagen we hadn’t actually planned any transport to the hotel as we knew getting pre-paid transport would be more expensive. We had no idea though how to use the public transport so we just caught a taxi, as we drove down the motorway the price was going up a kroner a minute which to us seem really expensive so this caused us to panic slightly. By the time we reached the hotel it was a total of 185 kroner, which we then worked out to be £21 for about a 5 minute journey.

After finally being able to check in which had a slight problem, our airline never actually checked us in with the hotel but fortunately they had space and upgraded us to a superior suite, which to be fair I don’t think was really any different to a standard room except a shower rather then a bath and a slightly bigger bed. Eventually everything was sorted and so we headed out to explore the area and find some food.

We first stumbled across a small convenience shop which we then bought a drink of Fanta which was in a flavour we’d never discovered before. We then found a small restaurant on a river, we headed in but got turned away as it was a Friday night with a lot of bookings. After walking a little further we found an Italian take away which we both brought a pizza, me plain old margarita and Richard some crazy topping one. We then ended up taking it back to the hotel and chill for the rest of the night.28308261_2091223184430047_477372826_n

Day two-

Starting off with an early morning we quickly got ready and went down for breakfast so we could set off. We caught a bus to this place called Tivoli, unfortunately it wasn’t open till later so we continued on to walk to my main attraction, the little mermaid. It was quite a walk with a horrible cold wind and a temperature of -4 so not exactly a warm day. Along the way we found a smaller mermaid statue and I of course had to get a photo with it. 28313318_2091223374430028_289536935_nWe then walked through the town and I came across a souvenir shop which we brought 5 postcards (3 for me & 2 for Richard) I also got a magnet. On the opposite side was a Guinness world record museum which we paid for, it had some really neat things to do inside, including how strong your punch is, how many drum beats in a minute and quickest time laying a layer of Lego bricks. 28381119_2091223467763352_1455405150_nWe then had a tasty caramel waffle stick, which made such a mess.

After walking at least 2 miles we finally made it to the little mermaid, which of course had a lot of attention but I was able to get up close and have some photos. DSC0141028236648_2091223614430004_228131597_n

28236581_2091223524430013_340334302_n After getting a few pics we walked on and found this massive angel. 28313087_2091223574430008_142872331_nDSC01422DSC01416Richard and I then continued on through the fort and found it consisted of these red buildings. 28313593_2091223721096660_2093105407_nThese buildings were massive, here’s Richard below. DSC01427

On this windy walk around the fort, it had a pretty windmill on the top of the hill.DSC0143028308680_2091223677763331_341848729_nDSC0143228308625_2091223717763327_597594875_n After our excessive hike we walked back into town in search for the Lego shop. When stopping in a seven eleven, yep very American, we asked the dude if he knew where the Lego shop was and he ended coming out with ‘all toy shops sell Lego’. Yes maybe so but when Denmark is the creator of Lego of course there’s gunna be an actual store, we then eventually found one.

Unfortunately it didn’t have anything I was after so we ended up playing with a few toys but then headed out. One of the things I was after was an outfit to fit my new born nephew who is absolutely adorable, I ended up looking in H&M which is where I picked him up a tiny Star Wars outfit which turned out to be a huge success as actually fits.

Once leaving the store it began to snow and this became pretty concerning as I did not want to get stuck in Copenhagen knowing we’ve got our flight the next day and work the day after that.

As we were getting pretty hungry we then went on the hunt for somewhere to eat, upon our search we found a ‘Hard Rock Cafe’. Richard told me it’d be hard to get a seat as he’s been to one before and had to book but we took our chances and yay, we got a table. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos inside or of the food but I had some tasty bbq pulled pork burger and chips, while Richard had some monster of a burger. We didn’t get desert as we thought it’d be expensive but really it wasn’t too bad.

We then saw the Tivoli was open again so we walk to it but unfortunately you had to pay just to get it, let alone pay for the rides so we skipped this one and headed back to the hotel. For the rest of the evening I was in a bad state, I had the worst migraine and I thought I was gunna be sick every time I opened my eyes and stood up. It reached the point where Richard went to reception to ask for paracetamol only to find he would have to walk to the petrol station across the road. I was so grateful he did because I certainly couldn’t take much more.

Day 3-

When we woke in the morning Richard was telling me he thought he’d have to take me to the hospital it was that bad. We then got showered and had breakfast so we could check out for 12pm. We learnt our lesson to get the bus so we caught one back to the Tivoli and switch for one to the airport, it saved us quite a bit.

Once at the airport we quickly checked our suitcase in and then went for lunch at some Irish bar, which severed the best mozzarella dippers I’ve every had. We then swiftly made our way through security and headed over to duty free where I picked up some goodies since we had quite a lot of money left to spend as we didn’t know how much we’d need for each day. I picked up some benefit products which was my first time owning anything of benefit. I chose a travel edition mini set and a single bronzer, I have yet to have tried all of them out but be sure to check back again as I have a post in the works. Richard chose an aftershave and together we picked some white chocolate coated Oreo’s.

In the terminal it had quite a few high end shops and your typical gift shop which I brought a small ornament of the mermaid statue. From then on it was our flight which was ram backed but at least we were on time.

That’s our Copenhagen trip all rolled in one.



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Croatia|| October 2017

Hey Beauties!

Hope you’re all doing amazing!

As some of you may know, I went to Croatia in October for just four days as a birthday treat for my partner Richard. This holiday I was prepared and had an actually digital camera so I could capture the moment in all its glory. I’ll be giving you a play by play of each day so you can know every significant detail of my trip.


Our flight was around 7.30am so this ment a 3am wake up to get ready and have food at the airport which we ended having Nando’s, which I yet to even have before and I didn’t even know breakfast was a thing. The flight was nice and easy but because I left with a cold, being in the air was horrible as it made my ears pop and a headache. I listened to my ipod in attempt to drain out the pain along with writing a few blog post ideas in my notes section on my phone, I’d made a post about my  plane carry on if you wanna get a few ideas, especially if you’ve never flown before.

Day One~

Once we arrived in Croatia and took our booked transport to the hotel, we then dumped our luggage off and headed off exploring outside our hotel which we then discovered we had an incredible beach. After a look around we then went back to our room and got into our swimwear. We had a very unfortunate moment which lead us both to getting injured, starting with Richard climbing in a rocky part of the sea and slipping, leaving him with both his thumbs cut, me coming to save him and slicing my foot open. Later on in the day we were approached by a man who was selling excursions, so we booked ourselves on a trip to all three islands on the Thursday. The Food was pretty bog standard, nothing different to what I could get back at home. In the evening we wanted to get a few drinks for our room so we set off to find a shop and I soon found some sweets I’d been on the hunt for months (peach Haribo’s)


Day Two~

We started the day by going for a walk around our hotel and seeing some incredible views. Before we even got to Croatia Richard knew he wanted to see the start of the river where an old mill stands, so we travelled there and our taxi driver was kind enough to show us around the area which we then gave him a tip for having gone that extra mile.

After exploring the beautiful mill we caught a bus to the old town, where a lot of the ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes were filmed. The town had an amazing sweet shop called ‘Captain Candy’ which we spent a lot of money in without realising. Later on in the day we were offered a glass bottom boat ride around the town, we saw an abandon hotel which was awesome. We discovered an aquarium so I was hoping to see a turtle and a shark as they’re my favourite, Turned out to only have a turtle which was sitting at the bottom of the tank but we did see some cute seahorses. As our trip was all inclusive we didn’t need to eat out but because we got peckish and found a restaurant that has one of my favourite foods, Calamari and not just as a starter but a MAIN.


Day Three~

The day of our excursion to the three islands, we had to be at the beach at 8.30am. There was around eight of us but we then had to travel round to the old town to pick up more passengers.DSC01233

Island one~

We first travelled to Kolocep where we spent 20 minutes and it had a small sandy beach and Richard took a little dip and I collected some sand in a bottle, Yes I collect sand from every country I go to. We then changed onto a larger boat where we were then given our meal, a side of salad which I wasn’t keen on, I had chicken and Richard had fish. DSC01229

Island two~

Sipan, where we had slightly longer of 45 minutes and I got my first postcard which I then knew I should have got one on the first island as I also collect postcards. This had a beach but it was all stony and Richard of course had to take another dip. On this island we saw some small tube like fish that we hadn’t seen before.DSC01244

Island Three~

Lopud, The island we had the longest amount of time at of 1 hour 30. I again got another postcard and we also got a really tasty ice cream, I got a cookies and cream one, I was so tempted to get another. We had a look around the souvenir shops but they had nothing special. Again Richard had another swim and this time so did I but I injured myself in doing so, Lets just say the steps were really slippy when getting in. Since we had a lot more time on this island we explored a little and discovered a woodland area which had an unusual altar table. We then headed back to the hotel beach with enough time to have a swim there then head to get dinner.


Day Four~

Heading home, this was really easy, catching the taxi to the airport and arriving with plenty of time to get a bite to eat and a browse in duty free. We arrived just gone 4.30pm and caught the bus back to Richards house and ordered my favourite takeaway, korma.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I have to say this wasn’t much of a relaxing holiday as it was a lot of stuff crammed into three days but I do recommend going there if you ever get the chance, I feel its more of a one time trip as we did do all there was for that area.



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France|| July 2017

The past weekend I took a little trip to France with Richard and his parents tagged along.

Our day started off by waking up at 4.45am and then setting off for the coach at 5.40am, we then ended up waiting around a few minutes for the stragglers.

After setting off at 6.10am we began our journey to Dover port which we were booked on a ferry for 8.20am but as there was a lot of traffic coming into Dover we didn’t arrive till 8.50am.

We had to catch the hour later ferry which then turned out to be our originally ferry as they we’re also disrupted. This was my first time on a ferry and also to France. The ferry itself was pretty awesome, fairly packed with passengers but it had a duty free shop filled with so many sweets, alcohol and makeup.

Richard and I by this time were very hungry but there was no chance with the excessive queues for the cafe. It was around a 90 minute trip with the ferry then continuing with the coach till arriving at le touquet at 11.50am.

First stop was food, walking through the town it was filled with many restaurants and clothes stores, so we ended up viewing the menus and chose one called ‘all saints’ which had the theme of golf and polo. I wanted to try something different so I got an omelette with bacon and chips, Richard got a salmon steak, we enjoyed it very much.

Off exploring, we walked down the road to the start of a little woodland area, a cute tower caught my eye, I wanted to be Rapunzel.


Upon walking though the woods we discovered a tree trunk stack painted like pencils.


Every adventure away I like to get souvenir, scouting the shops I purchased a post card, I also collect sand from the beach but only remembered when on the coach back home (sad times).


The architecture of the houses looked awesome, especially because of the window shutters.


Arriving at the beach I knew straight away I wanted a photo with the stone Eiffel Tower which looked incredible, I took a few snaps.DSC00679.JPG



The beach itself was 5 miles long of pure white sand and fairly blue sea.


Richard and I then used the restroom that cost 50cents to change into our swim wear, I was happy to get to show off my new tattoo.2017-07-27 (1)

The sea was pretty cold and took some real strength to go fully in, the current was strong pushing in and out. Drying off we then took a walk in which we stumbled across mini golf that we played a few holes and I won.

Getting peckish we headed to another restaurant on the search for snails, ew, luckily they weren’t for me.

Fortunately we found one, I just wanted chips and so Richard ordered he starter of 6 snails and the main being some noodles with cockles.


When they arrived they were covered in garlic, to the point he couldn’t finish the main. After that it was time to return to the coach for our long journey home.

Back on the ferry we brought some goodies, two huge bars of chocolate and I couldn’t leave this adorable despicable me unicorn teddy behind, it was missing from my collection.

2017-07-27 (2)

We didn’t arrive back till gone midnight but luckily I had a little nap.

It may have seemed like a short day being there but it was really a day of just chilling especially as it only offered restaurants and clothes stores.

Hope you enjoyed, I do recommend le touquet.



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Tenerife|| October 2016

On the 31st of October 2016 I took my first trip abroad since 2004, it was also my first holiday away with my boyfriend. It was a week long trip and was absolutely amazing. The majority of the days were spent swimming in our hotel pool with afternoons exploring the beach and market stalls. The beach was covered in such soft sand with market traders trying to sell their cheap tat such as sunglasses and patterned sheets. when we walked along the shore we’d encounter quite a few crabs that were pretty big but because they would hide behind the rocks we could never get a good photo.

Here’s a few pics from over a few days on the beach.

One beach we visited

As our hotel was all inclusive, every night we’d get dressed up and the food was a buffet was a variety of different foods from around the world, pudding was the best part as they had a chocolate fountain with so many different things you could dunk in, yum. The Bar was also included with a maximum of three alcoholic drinks per person per day, so we’d usually spend our evenings trying out new drinks. Then one evening when we returned to our hotel we found a little lizard which actually made us jump.18009136_1947051915513842_1255064314_n

I loved getting glamed up.

Two days that stood out as different was: one morning getting a tour of the islands volcanic crater. It was incredible seeing the lava flow, and the immediate temperature change in the atmosphere was so strange going from extreme heat to chilly wind.


The second day which was also out last was at Aqualand, known for the best dolphin show in the world. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a water park with some amazing slides. Our particular favourite was the rubber ring flumes, they were so fast and pretty scary. As soon as we walked in the park, we were handed a few different types of birds and got photographed with them, which was unexpected.

I was incredibly lucky to have a photo with a dolphin, they are not how I’d expect them to feel. I could have had the opportunity to swim with them but as it was our last day we barely had any money left. The show itself left me speechless, it was phenomenal. Seeing a Dolphin show for myself was something I’d never intended to see but I’m so glad I did.

I would defiantly love to go on more holidays aboard. If you’ve been somewhere that was absolutely amazing then comment below, I’d love to check them out.

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Kitty Cafe Bournemouth|| April 2017

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Bournemouth where we’d booked a table at the ‘Pause Cat Cafe’ about a month in advance. Honestly I didn’t really know what to expect but I was quite excited for what it had in store.

Upon arrival we were given a run though of the cafes rules, nothing outrageous, just basic things involving the cats. We were then lead to our table and offered drinks. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be packed but every table was full, with more customers coming in hoping for a table but turned away from the large waiting list. 17911026_1943287395890294_936583775_n.jpg

There were cat toys everywhere with unusual ones too, like a large hamster wheel and a bridge across the ceiling. The cats then started roaming with some jumping up at tables trying to see what food they could swipe.

After a while I went over to different areas of the cafe to see the variety of personalities these kitties held, using toys and stroking their bellies. It wasn’t long till one jumped up to the bridge to then come back down landing on the piano below pressing a variety of keys.

The food looked interesting as it was all vegan based, served in cute boxes where the lid was used as a plate. I wasn’t hungry but my boyfriend tried the food and found it pretty tasty as far as I could tell from the empty plate. The drinks menu had some really creative names like ‘PINA-CAT-LADA’ and ‘ESPURR-SO’. The staff there were very polite and helpful, giving information about each cat. I only booked an hour because in the end it is only a cafe with some cats, it was just some thing different that I wanted to experience.

In total there were seven cats: Bear, Clifford, Liquorice, Aunty Anne, Petrus, Pumpkin and Max. 17918327_1943259652559735_257746484_n.jpg

If you’ve been to this cafe or even a different one feel free to send me some pics.

The kitties are so cute.

I’d love to go to another cat cafe, I was even debating about going to Edinburgh’s cat cafe.

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