First Kiss Tips

If I was given some form of advice before I had my first kiss, I reckon it may have gone slightly smoother, though I seem to learn more from experience.

Not a Broadway show~  

The first kiss should be a special moment between only you and them, so don’t waste it in front of an audience, find some place secluded and quiet so you can concentrate on each other.  keep the volume to a minimum, there is no need for loads of theatrics.

Short and Sweet~ 

No need to be packing all your feelings into one long kiss but keep it short and sweet as there shall be more kissing to come. This should feel just like a preview and by making it not last hours will make your partner wanting more.

Keep Calm~

The movies can make the first kiss seem like some dragged out thing where you end up staring into one another’s eyes for a long period of time. When in reality this can be seriously embarrassing, especially when you’re both standing there awkwardly


A priority before any date is to have brushed your teeth to leave you with fresh breath, teeth and lips. After having eaten have some gum or a mint, stinky breath is not a turn on, though when it comes to the deed make sure it’s gone as you don’t want any obstacles.

The Moves~

Kissing always seems like some choreographed routine. The guy goes one way and you go the opposite, that way it all runs smoothly.

Hope all works out well in your pursuit 😉




Last Saturday I experienced my first real pride down in Brighton.


The day started out by sprinkling glitter all over me and my girl Beth ❤ . I created a festival look with pride in mind, if you wanna check it out ‘here‘!


I wore a simple outfit that was comfy yet bright, a yellow bodysuit for £7 in the Newlook sale, embroidery flower shorts from Pep & Co for £12, a black choker from river island and black vans.


Travelling down to Brighton was fairly easy as there was room on board the train though no seats. We arrived half way through the parade through town which was really good to see with all the different floats and people dressed up.

Walking through the streets was horrendous, people were walking so slow and it was completely packed. Arriving at Preston park we headed to the bar which was so expensive, £6 for a small paper cup of alcohol so Beth and I didn’t bother drinking.

We had to get a slushy though 😉 20645912_2002571463295220_1551815046_n.jpg

Heading to the main stage there was an act on and she was pretty good, making us have a little boogie followed with a sit down. After roaming around the park we went on the first ride called the space flyer. We could see over the whole park and it was incredible but for a shocking £4.50 for not even five minutes.


Beth and I headed back round the park to explore the dance tents, the best was ‘Urban world dance tent’ but because it was the best, it was filled, so it got pretty hot pretty quick.

We ended up on another ride, this time ‘Speed’ which spins upside down at some speeeeeeed 😉 , that cost £5 and eventually went up in price through out the day.


Back at the main stage acts were getting good, Louisa Johnson was brilliant with some of her hits including ‘Tears’ and ‘So good’. Becky Hill who sang ‘Afterglow’ which I didn’t realise, I’m now a pretty big fan after knowing that, her latest song ‘False alarm’ is amazing, filled with a lot of emotion. Next was the main act….. Years And Years, they played some hits such as ‘King, Eyes shut and Take shelter’ and Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’.


Through out the performances they shot out confetti and the crowd was amazing, joining in with every song.



Not long after that we left as we weren’t really up to watching ‘Pet shop boys’ and we knew the train home would be packed.

Did you attend pride? 🙂



4 Festival Essentials

Festival time is so much fun especially with all the sparkle and colour included. I’ve put this list of festival essentials together as you may have forgotten one or two things.

1. Glitter, this has to be my favourite part with all the different varieties of colour and sparkle. I can’t wait to be smothered in it. I wore hair and face glitter which kinda made me feel like a fairy 😉 .


2. Sunglasses, I can’t wait to be rocking out with my latest on shades, of course hoping for that sun shine. I didn’t take mine as I was expecting rain but the sun did shine so I was upset about that.


3. Bum bag/ chest bag, I myself don’t own a bum bag but I do own a few chest bags which I shall use to keep my valuables close to me. Luckily I did as there were so many people.

4. Camera, I love taking snaps when I’m out. This could either be on your phone or an actually camera. You may be like me and eventually run out of memory on your phone so you have to delete pics so it’d probably be the best idea to have made sure you have space.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this festival time, let me know what ones you’ve gone to 🙂


Festival makeup look

I really wanted to create a festival look so I can try out loads of bright colours and of course glitter, this is with intentions to wear to pride.DSC00712.JPG
We’ll skip my base products of primer, foundation, concealer, powder and brows and go straight to the eyes.
Using make up revolutions ‘colour chaos’ palette I take the dark pink in the shade ‘Pink Obsessed’ and put it in my crease, because it’s so pigmented I take my real techniques blending brush and blend out towards my eyebrows.DSC00725
Next I went back in using the same pink back into my crease and this time I blend over the eye lid, making this a slightly darker shade.DSC00699.JPG
Taking my soap and glory ‘supercat’ eyeliner, I create a simple wing. Using maybeline’s pixie collection ‘The falsies push up drama’ mascara, I add that to my top lashes.
For this look I wanted to have an added extra of fake lashes from primark, I found great difficulty in putting them on that day as I had a cold and my eyes kept tearing up making it too wet for the glue. I finally got there though and used eyelash curlers to stick the lashes together. DSC00705.JPG
Using a smaller real techniques brush I added some blue in the shade ‘Wkd’ to my lower lashes and then mascara. As this is such a bright makeup look I thought I might as well have bright lips, so I used my blue kylie Jenner lipkit in the shade ‘Skylie’.
Now for my favourite part, Glitter! I wasn’t following any design and I made it up on the spot. The glitter I used was a pack of 3 from primark for £3. starting with the glue they provided, I added it to my cheek bones and dabbed my finger in the glitter and slowing added it. I then took so more glue and went more under my eyes and used the pink. DSC00730
And that’s the completed look though you may have seen through Instagram I also had glitter blue lips, I just added the glue to my lips and dabbed again.
I’m pretty impressed with the glitter set as I was concerned it was gunna have constant fall out but nope, in fact I had more difficulty taking it off.
Hope you enjoyed this little pop of colour.



What do they mean to us?

How do we stop them from hurting?

Since being plus size for so long I’ve become oblivious to these hurtful words, until someone I cared for said it as a joke. Yes I carried along with this but deep down it hurt badly as I didn’t think someone so close to me would think of saying such things.

Enough about me, we have all been hurt by words, but should words really effect us?

Everyday words are said to people who are judged on their appearance but what is the perfect appearance?

We all have that image in our head that the perfect women is some skinny, big boobed with long shining hair and legs that go on for miles or at least this is what I envision but that is only because that is the only type of women that are shown in my everyday life with TV and the internet.

The quote ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ is easily sad but honestly it’s not that easy.

Bullying is such a big thing through out school, with the constant judgement of peoples appearance, you wear glasses? judged. You have braces? Judged. Got no boobs, at your age? Judged. Larger then average? Judged.

You may have not have these things said to you all the time but that doesn’t mean their not thinking it. I know we cant stop ourselves doing this, but we could all at least have the decency not to be rude and say anything.

The times are changing and so are peoples personal interests and styles.

It’s OKAY to be different.

I personally don’t want to be within a world where everyone is exactly the same because that would become incredibly boring very quickly.

For example;

If people comment on some extremely bright blue lipstick you’re wearing, then take pride in wearing it, for all you know they could be secretly jealous of you on two things,

1) The lipstick itself.


2) The confidence you have in wearing it.


Not long ago I was called out on the way I wear my eyeliner by not having a wing, back then I was never bothered in having wings because I knew so many people who wear that look, I didn’t want to be the same or what I’d call them ‘sheepeople’, people who follow all the trends and want to be the same, like how sheep follow one another.

I enjoy being that type of person, to stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to do the same 🙂






The past weekend I took a little trip to France with Richard and his parents tagged along.

Our day started off by waking up at 4.45am and then setting off for the coach at 5.40am, we then ended up waiting around a few minutes for the stragglers.

After setting off at 6.10am we began our journey to Dover port which we were booked on a ferry for 8.20am but as there was a lot of traffic coming into Dover we didn’t arrive till 8.50am.

We had to catch the hour later ferry which then turned out to be our originally ferry as they we’re also disrupted. This was my first time on a ferry and also to France. The ferry itself was pretty awesome, fairly packed with passengers but it had a duty free shop filled with so many sweets, alcohol and makeup.

Richard and I by this time were very hungry but there was no chance with the excessive queues for the cafe. It was around a 90 minute trip with the ferry then continuing with the coach till arriving at le touquet at 11.50am.

First stop was food, walking through the town it was filled with many restaurants and clothes stores, so we ended up viewing the menus and chose one called ‘all saints’ which had the theme of golf and polo. I wanted to try something different so I got an omelette with bacon and chips, Richard got a salmon steak, we enjoyed it very much.

Off exploring, we walked down the road to the start of a little woodland area, a cute tower caught my eye, I wanted to be Rapunzel.


Upon walking though the woods we discovered a tree trunk stack painted like pencils.


Every adventure away I like to get souvenir, scouting the shops I purchased a post card, I also collect sand from the beach but only remembered when on the coach back home (sad times).


The architecture of the houses looked awesome, especially because of the window shutters.


Arriving at the beach I knew straight away I wanted a photo with the stone Eiffel Tower which looked incredible, I took a few snaps.DSC00679.JPG



The beach itself was 5 miles long of pure white sand and fairly blue sea.


Richard and I then used the restroom that cost 50cents to change into our swim wear, I was happy to get to show off my new tattoo.2017-07-27 (1)

The sea was pretty cold and took some real strength to go fully in, the current was strong pushing in and out. Drying off we then took a walk in which we stumbled across mini golf that we played a few holes and I won.

Getting peckish we headed to another restaurant on the search for snails, ew, luckily they weren’t for me.

Fortunately we found one, I just wanted chips and so Richard ordered he starter of 6 snails and the main being some noodles with cockles.


When they arrived they were covered in garlic, to the point he couldn’t finish the main. After that it was time to return to the coach for our long journey home.

Back on the ferry we brought some goodies, two huge bars of chocolate and I couldn’t leave this adorable despicable me unicorn teddy behind, it was missing from my collection.

2017-07-27 (2)

We didn’t arrive back till gone midnight but luckily I had a little nap.

It may have seemed like a short day being there but it was really a day of just chilling especially as it only offered restaurants and clothes stores.

Hope you enjoyed, I do recommend le touquet.



Money saving tips

Over the past 7 months I’ve been saving up for my traveling trip to Australia, if you want to find out more check out ‘following my dreams‘, I learnt how to save with a few little tricks and discipline.

So to start I’d say the easiest thing to do is get a money box, this can either be a simple diy or if your happy to spend a little, then a shop brought one. Just use these for any spare change you have floating about. I personally own two, one for pennies, which is a real cheap smash pot, I paid around £2.99. The other is for silver and notes and I spent around £10, it was a bit pricer as it can only be smashed into. This makes you not want to smash it as it’s such a pretty design. It also had a cute quote about saving for your dreams. I did end up smashing that one as there was the change in money design for pound coins, I knew I had a few of them. My boyfriend for my birthday then brought me a new pink one with the quote ‘Live, laugh, Save’.DSC00664

The second tip would be writing down your income and outcome and seeing what you can set aside for saving. (this was just an example and I personally don’t do this but it’s just an idea.)DSC00667

Then I recommend opening a savings account. I put in around a quarter of my pay check in each month, this seems to be really working as I only have one big thing to pay for each month and that’s just rent to my parents. dsc00665.jpg

Lately I seem to be purchasing items because I want them and don’t need them, so along side spending, I’m also selling the items I don’t use on local selling sites, the few I use are all found on Facebook but you can also do it on other sites like eBay or an app called depop (there’s other sites like this).


Another possibility is doing overtime at work, I personally haven’t done any overtime in a while because I already work full time and barely have time to myself as it is, though if I was desperate I could.

You could live on a budget if you purchase items for your household, things like shampoo/ conditioner, deodorant, cheaper food alternatives. There’s so many options out there, you may just need to look a little harder.

A personal problem I have is with food, everyday I have work I buy food there ( I work in a food shop btw) the meal deals are where I spend the most plus a little extra treat, I spend around £5 a day and I work 5 days a week, making that £25 a week, making that £100 a month on just food, I know if I plan my week out correctly I can do a whole food shop for a few weeks making it less then half the months total.

There are are so many other ways that can save you money, here’s a few ideas:

restyling clothes- instead of buying new clothes, even items that are currently in trend that can cost excessive amounts can be fairly easy to recreate using your own clothes. Etsy- if you have a passion for making things, turn it into a business.

Etsy offers the chance for all creators to sell their goods. I know a fair few people who do this and there businesses are all working well.

Another job, you may find you have free evenings or weekends, what about getting another job such as babysitting or dog walking. I can always offer to look after my nephews and sometimes get a little money for doing so.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration on how you can save money.



Testing Silicone Sponge

I’ve heard many mixed reviews on silicon sponges and so I thought I should find out for myself. I had a few options of different brands to buy from but I didn’t want to be let down so I went with the cheapest I could find, which was primark a set of two for £2.

The benefits of a sili sponge is you use less product such as foundation, compared to a beauty blender which absorbs the product. This could initially save you quiet a lot of money from not having to fork out for a new foundation as often but will it give you a good looking surface is the question. 
To begin we’ll just take a quick look at my skin before applying foundation.
I applied my everyday foundation, which is an elf product in the shade porcelain and it’s quite full coverage so I knew I wouldn’t need much.
This was the outcome…..

It was horrible, the finish was all streaky.

I may have used barely any product but it still seemed to be too much because unlike a sponge, it doesn’t absorb any product, it just smears it across your face.

I highly doubt that any other brand that make silicone sponges would be any better, because of course it’s all the same material being used.

I’m glad I only paid what I did for them as I was extremely disappointed and I know full well I’ll never use them again, But they may be good for other products such as moisturiser.

If you’ve found them to be any good then feel free to let me know, It’d be good to know someones actually using them.



Testing Barry M

Last weekend I went on a little shopping spree and boots was one of my locations. Fortunately Barry M was on 3 for 2 with a free gift.

To find out what products I tried then continue reading. 20067686_1990594611159572_826240356_n

So without further a do, the first item is ‘Natural glow shadow and blush palette‘. The packaging is plain and simple grey/ yellowish with gold font. It consists of 6 eyeshadows, 2 matte and 4 shimmer, 1 blush.


The second product is ‘illuminating strobe cream‘ in the shade ‘galactic 4’, I just had to buy this highlighter stick because the colour is incredible with a dual chrome effect of blue and white, the pigmentation is amazing.


The main reason for this little haul is for a fairly talked about product, ‘cosmic lights‘ highlighter palette. The packaging is insane, it’s so cute with the little stars, planets and spaceships, silver on blue and purple ombré background. It has two powders and four cream.


The powders pigmentation is amazing, the bottom middle gives a blinding dual chrome blue effect, which is stunning, that’s the left swatch. The right swatch is the the second powder which is the top middle.  DSC00633

So the free product is this gorgeous dual chrome blue and green nail varnish which is limited edition to boots, called ‘shipwreck’


This is the end result.

The photo below is using the ‘cosmic lights‘ palette, it’s such an amazing glow, that can be built up to be even more blinding.


This is the finished eye look. Honestly the eye shadows weren’t the easiest to blend and weren’t very pigmented, so this is the best I could do. DSC00617

Probably the best highlighter out the lot, the ‘illuminating strobe cream‘, which is pretty surprising given it’s a cream highlighter and I even put it on after powder which is a big no no.   DSC00606

So there you have it, Let me know what products you love from the Barry M range 🙂